50 off road Runs 50 days - Mal Law completed 18

24/02/2015 by Steve Knowles

Charity ultra runner Mal Law is cutting through his challenge of 50 off-road marathons in 50 days which he kicked off at the Tarawera Ultra in Rotorua early February with his body holding up, just, with 18 runs completed.

The 54year old completed seven major walks in 7 days back in 2009 (7in7) all for charity raising over $300k, however the 2015 challenge is much tougher with his knee giving problems with Law pushing through the pain each day on his quest to complete the challenge.

Here is the latest update.


You know what they say about the best laid plans...

There has been no shortage of challenges in the High Five-0 Challenge. Don't get me started on Mal's knee (I'm running out of words to describe the pain he's been going through). He's still unable to run so each mountain climb has been either much slower or much shorter than planned (often both shorter and slower, much to his frustration). However, Mal continues determined to bag 50 peaks in 50 days and shows no signs of stopping - 18 down, a bunch of others to go (you do the maths).

Mal, Sal and the team had a very emotional day yesterday. It was meant to be Steve Combe's run as Day Leader. Can you even imagine what it felt like for Mal and Sal to stand at the very top of Dragonfly Peak without him? I can't either but I spoke to them and did my best to describe it in a post that is, like the entire day, in memory of Steve. Please take a few minutes and click here to read it.

The day before was also an intense one, as the incredibly brave and inspiring Stephanie Combe joined the team to summit Mt Pisa. You can read more about that day here.

Please feel free to share those posts with anyone you think might be interested. We really appreciate your help spreading the word about the High Five-0 Challenge. As Mal himself said to me yesterday, this is about much more than "a man and his mad dreams". The challenge has raised over $347,000 for the Mental Health Foundation NZ so far and we continue to work to raise awareness for mental health issues and towards ending the stigma that surrounds them.


Mals day 17 message

"Dragonfly Peak is done! In an attempt to protect my knee I trekked in the first hour of the day with our support runners and the also-injured Anna Frost, before turning back and waiting for a chopper to fly us up to the Albert Burn Saddle. From there we watched the awesome team of 5 - Louise, Ange, Adam, Tanya & Becky - work their way ever upwards & then joined them for the final 500m of climbing/scrambling to the awe-inspiring summit. Magnificent day with magnificent views & a fine way to honour the memory of our great friend Steve Combe, for whom today just had to happen somehow. The support runners are still out there on the huge descent and run out to the Matukituki Valley (likely to take 5 hrs) - love your work team - while we choppered off the top in about 5 mins flat! Huge thanks to everyone involved for helping make this revised day so special, especially our day sponsors Lake Wanaka Tourism for laying on the flights. Mal."