An Iron Showcase of Taiwan




Watch: Challenge Taiwan 2020 - The world is focusing on us!

The most anticipated triathlon event in the world, Challenge Taiwan, kicked off on November 14th in Taitung.

In its 8th consecutive year, Challenge Taiwan in 2020 indeed faced the challenge like never before. Covid 19 caused a delay to the event pushing it back from April to November. Still, nearly 5000 ironclad competitors came together to bear witness and to take part in this grand triathlon event.

Challenge Taiwan, known as the largest triathlon carnival event in the world, consists of three different categories, the 226km, 113km and 51.5km. The competitors, both high-spirited and well prepared, with 80% coming out with their families, and with 800 junior athletes, joined in this great sporting celebration.


In the 113km group, Xie Shengyan did not disappoint, being hailed as the winner with a time of 4:17:25, while Guo Jiaqi took the women’s crown in 4:59:35.


Also worth mentioning is Jiang Hanzhong, who participated in the men’s oldest age group M65-69 in the 113km category, and was the first to pass the finishing line in the group. He came to the race with his son who also completed the 226km race, and his grandson who took part in the young ironman race; a true testament to Challenge Taiwan being a grand family event.

This grand 4-day event has shown the world the iron-side of Taiwan!


Text Credits & Photo Credits: Challenge Taiwan