A New Safety Communication Option For Recreation Users



There is an increasing amount of evidence of the benefits of live tracking of adventure activities, so our support networks know where someone is and that we are ok. Live Tracking It is not about people watching our every move, but them knowing where to look and know when to check in on our safety. Many recreational adventures are relatively close to home and in cell phone coverage, this may be while participants are on the local rivers, beaches, or in regional parks. But people will also aspire to at times go to remote places where cell phones don’t work so on these occasions will need satellite devices. The question that is currently being asked of New Zealand recreation users is around the value of an Adventure Club that allows members to use their phone as a live tracking device using the TrackMe Pro+ App.


The belief that there is a need for such a Club has come from the observation that for many people paying a monthly data fee is a barrier to device ownership. TrackMe New Zealand is wanting to measure recreational user’s interest in the concept of a monthly membership system that will give them the use of the TrackMe Pro App and will give them Satellite Device Credits every month that they can exchange for loan devices for their remote adventures and trips. Members will be able to loan both inReach and Spot units with the inReach units requiring more credits.


TrackMe has been working hard to create the best system for their clients with a huge amount of innovation and advantages such as SOS activations going directly to the New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre. TrackMe has been consulting the Mountain Safety Council and other organisations to find ways that user’s safety can be increased, and unnecessary searches decreased. The data shows that PLB devices save lives, but they are also an all or nothing device where messaging devices allow other options beyond NZRCC.


TrackMe currently offers the public the choice of purchase and hire options and the Club concept is a third and creative option that has the intention of getting more devices in the hands of people in the outdoors. So TrackMe is now asking outdoor recreation enthusiasts these questions: Are you getting the best use out of your Spot or inReach device? Does the thought of a big monthly commitment put you off buying one? For more information and to be part of the conversation go to https://trackme.nz/community/