A1 Adventure Series Expands Globally Into South Africa




Australia and New Zealand’s dynamic A1 Adventure Racing Series is about to increase its global reach with the launch of the brand new A1 South African Series that kicks off in April 2018.


Bringing together five South African events under the A1 Series banner will support the growth of the sport worldwide and A1 Series founder Todd Vickery says it's a coup for everyone involved.


“South Africa has produced outstanding adventure racers and highly competitive teams. Creating a tri-nations series with Australia and New Zealand, whose own AR history is legendary, is adding to the overall appeal of the series.”


“Ultimately in this first year we are focused on bringing together a group of successful South African events to build a sustainable domestic series that will entice and inspire new and old adventure racers to be part of something special,” says Vickery.


Four new 24-hour racing events designed by experienced racers have been added to South Africa’s calendar along with the familiar 24 hour Full Moon Drak that will make up the A1 SA series.


The five events include Vasbyt 24, produced by Graham Bird and held in the Garden Route in April, Neverast 24, produced by Alec Avierinos in Gauteng in July, Cyanosis 24, produced by Clinton Mackintosh in KwaZulu Natal in August, WCAD 24, produced by Steven Burnett in Cape Town Region in September and Full Moon Drak, produced by Kinetic Events in October.


Vickery says joining together under one overall, recognizable brand will support the growth of each event. 


“We are seeing increased race numbers in Australia for the second season of the A1 Series and the New Zealand series that is still underway has attracted significant numbers of competitors from entry level right through to elites.”


“The series assists in creating more pathways and entry points for competitors, media, sponsors, and fans to get involved. One of the major contributing factors is the A1 live tracking platform http://purelivetracking.com/, and it is one of our core objectives to create a consistent platform to facilitate following teams (‘dot watching’) at any of the A1 domestic races around the world.”


Team Merrell's Graham Bird, who has been appointed as the South African A1 Series ambassador, says AR is expanding.


“The past seven years have seen a huge growth in the sport in South Africa thanks to the tireless efforts of Stephan and Heidi Muller from Kinetic Africa Events.”


“Launching the A1 Series here will help to further grow and improve the sport in South Africa.  The series has been successful in Australia and New Zealand and aligning with the A1 brand and their international events will gain further exposure for, and access to, Adventure Racing in our beautiful country,” says Bird.


“With the A1 South Africa Series, we have brought together a great mix of experienced and passionate racers with fresh ideas and a common vision to be able to offer 4 new events around the country. Together with the old favourite Full Moon, it’s a winning formula for the sport.”


More exciting details on A1 SA series including prizes, events and the points system will soon be announced.


A1 South African Series


  1. 21 / 22 April   Vasbyt 24 (Graham Bird) - Garden Route
  2. 7 / 8 July        Nevarest 24 (Alec Avierinos ) - Gauteng
  3. 4 / 5 Aug        Cyanosis 24 (Clinton Mackintosh) - Kwazulu Natal
  4. 15 / 16 Sep   WCAD 24 (Steven Burnett ) - Cape Town
  5. 27 / 28 Oct     Kinetic Full Moon (Stephan Muller) – Drakensberg