Adventure Racing World Series - China cancelled


The Adventure Racing World Series race in China is cancelled due to political unrest to the disappointment of all teams on location including Kiwi’s Avaya captained by Nathan Fa’avae.

Teams from around the world were gathered in the north west of China which borders Kazakstan, Russia and Mongolia. “It’s a very interesting part of the world, historically, culturally and geographically.” Reported Fa’avae.

The 32 teams have now been informed the 600km premier & short course race of the World Series is now cancelled, disappointing teams from France, Sweden, South Africa, Estonia, Australia, China and New Zealand.


“The event is cancelled due to political unrest in the region. It’s a real disappointment for all the teams and the organisers. Not sure now what happens.”  Fa’avae reports  who is with team members Chris Forne, Stu Lynch and Jo Williams.


The team were looking forward to traversing the wilderness of the mountains around Kanas Lake and also the Gobi desert. 

“We’re heading out on a hike now and may do an overnight bike trip after that but ultimately we’ll try and get home early.”


Team Avaya are the reigning Adventure Racing World Champions and looking to keep their ranking on the World Series points board.

“In some ways the race being cancelled represents some of the issues facing Adventure Racing at the moment with the World Series, the sport I think is in a precarious position, I feel sorry for the race organising team here in China because they are no doubt doing their best, but the fact the race has been cancelled is a statement in itself. It can’t be denied it’s very damaging to their reputation for hosting events. 

Teams have travelled great distances to be here, spending significant personal funds, leave from work, promises to sponsors etc, so it’s a losing situation on many levels. But there’s nothing we can do now but accept and move on. The reality being its part of the sport.  We travel to these places for experiences and we’re getting one for sure, just not the one we expected.” Commented Fa’avae 


The China course was to include: 
Run 3km
Kayak 12.5km
Trek 26km
Raft 5.5km
Trek 38km
Mountain Bike 117km
Trek 22km
Mountain Bike 42km
Kayak 60km
Trek 30km
Kayak 25km
Trek 31km
Mountain Bike 101km