Athletics New Zealand Round Up


The first edition of the Athletics New Zealand Round Up since March 2020, as Cross Country and other athletics winter season events get underway.

Latest edition includes:

Cross Country results from Auckland and Christchurch
Road and trail race results from around the country
Obituaries: We farewell Andy Galloway QSM of Hamilton, Eric de Lautour of Tauranga, Cassells Kernahan of Christchurch and Garth Gilmour of Auckland

New Zealand Competition Results
Athletics Auckland Cross Country No 1, Barry Curtis Park East Tamaki – 20 June 2020
Starved of competition over the past two months Toby Gualter travelled north from Wellington to take part in the opening cross country race post Covid-19 over the perfect underfoot course at East Tamaki.

Jono Jackson set the pace with Gualter, David Lee, Peter Wheeler and William Harris going out early with him. On the third of the four 2km laps Gualter applied the pressure and broke clear. Over the final lap he held his own and withstood a late challenge from Jackson to win the 8km event in 26:07. Jackson recorded 26:08 with Lee third in 26:12. Wheeler was next in 26:26 with Ryan Sissons fifth in 26:45.

Gualter, four times New Zealand junior champion last year over 5000m, cross country, road and mountain running as well as a silver medal in the senior half marathon championship in 1:09:49, said he was glad to get some top competition.

“I thought we would come up and run an 8k cross country, as I’ve been just training back home in Wellington for the last two months. It was really good to race against some other runners and great to get amongst the competition in Auckland again,” said the 19 year old.

Earlier this year he did two months in the States racing the indoor season. He then had to return to New Zealand because of the Corona virus.

“I ran some good indoor times and hopefully I can get back there for their cross country season.”

Over successive weekends in February he ran an indoor mile in 4:16.28 and a 3000m in 8:28.12. Gualter now looks forward to the national cross country championships in Dunedin.

Newcomer to the athletic scene Bethany Bromfield had the women’s race to herself winning the 8km in 30:20. The 25 year old architectural graduate was well clear of Anneke Grogan in second in 31:41 and Amy Shaw who was third in 33:53.

Competing in the Round-the-Bays for her firm got Bromfield involved in running. In her first ever competitive outing she finished second in the Devonport half marathon, last September, in 1:29:46 and in this year’s 8.4km Round-the-Bays she was fourth in 31:14.

Now with the Owairaka Club, which she says are an amazing team to be involved with, Bromfield ventured out on her first cross country race.

“I love running it clears my mind and each race I learn something new, like how to pace myself. I could have gone a bit faster today but it is definitely a lot harder running cross country,” said Bromfield.

Zane Powell, New Zealand under 18 3000m champion for the last two seasons and joint holder of the national under 17 6km road record of 18:52, just held on to win the combined under 18 and 20 6km in 19:50 from fast finishing Jahko Tohaia who ran 19:52.

The 17 year old Powell said it was good to be back into it. “Over the lockdown, I took a bit of a break and then gradually got into it more and started easy running,” he said.

“I managed to hold on till the end just, Jahko caught up quite a bit on the last lap, he ran pretty well. I look forward to the nationals and the secondary schools champs,” he added. Ronan Lee won the under 20 6km in 20:29.

National under 18 1500m and 3000m champion Peyton Leigh had no trouble winning the under 18 4km in 14:50, from Chloe Browne and Amelia Green.

Master winners were Greg Darbyshire 27:45 for the 8km and Catherine Delaporte who recorded 24:59 over 6km.

Under 16 winners were Jack Snedden and Sophie Robb while the under 14 honours went to Jack Erikson and Amy Hurly. Ivor Martin led throughout the under 12 3km while Biahn Pallister won the under 12 girls 3km.

Athletics Auckland Cross Country No 2, Long Bay Regional Park – 27 June 2020
Peter Wheeler, fourth last week at East Tamaki, had the speed over the shorter distance to outsprint Jono Jackson to win the 4km in 12:10. Jackson was one second back with Tim Cornish of Wellington third in 12:43.

Nick Moore dominated the masters in 13:09 from Wim Luijpers 13:28 and Brent Kelly 13:34. Anneke Grogan reversed the placings over Bethany Bromfield from last week winning the senior women’s 4km in 14:20, Bromfield recording 14:24 with Lucy Jacobs third in 15:03.

Catherine Delaporte was nearly two minutes clear in the masters 4km running 15:50. Under 20 winners Zane Powell 12:28 and Peyton Leigh 14:34, under 18 Tobias Saxby 12:41 and Penelope Salmon 2km 6:54, under 16 Nash Taylor 6:13 and Bella Earl 6:43, under 14 Connor Boulton 6:43 and Amy Hurly 6:58, under 12 Troy Hundley 7:05 and Indie Williams 7:46, under 10 Caleb McKenzie 8:08 and Tia Korewha 8:18.

Shake Down 5km Cross Country, Ascot Park – 13 June 2020
Saxon Morgan won at the first cross country event in Christchurch coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown. Morgan won in 15:10 from Nathan Cochrane 15:36 and Brett Clifford 15:49. Blair McWhirter, 2018 national marathon champion, was the first master in 15:46. Dave King recorded 16:39 and Michael Anderson 17:01.

Twelve times New Zealand title holder Angie Petty won the senior women 5km in 17:23, from Andrea Hewitt 17:27, who was also the first master, and Natalie Dryden 18:26. National junior 1500m champion Chanel Muir won the under 20 5km in the fastest time of the day of 15:01. Cameron Clark was second in 15:16. Ethan Smolej won the under 18 event in 15:26. Lydia Robinson won the U/20 women in 19:53 and Georgia Dawson the U/18 in 18:39.

In the under 16 3.5km Pai Wynyard won the boys in 11:17 and Nicole Vance the girls in 12:50. Under 14 winners were Finn Woodhouse 11:43 and Lucy Vance 13:04.

Andrew Reese Cross Country Races, Ascot Park – 27 June 2020
Angie Petty won the senior women’s 5km in 18:43, from Natalie Dryden 19:59 and Sabrina Grogan 20:20. Andrea Hewitt was the fastest master in 18:46. The senior men’s 5km went to Saxon Morgan in 16:13. Nathan Cochrane was next in 16:41 and Joseph Lynch third in 16:49. Dave King recorded 17:36 in the masters. Under 20 winners were Lydia Robinson 21:24 and Daniel Roswell 16:11. In the under 18 Morgan Flanagan ran 20:07 and Ethan Smolej 16:29.

Under 16 winners over 3.5km were Maddie Sharpe 13:45 and Pai Wynyard 11:53 and in the under 14 Lucy Vance recorded 13:58 and Finn Woodhouse 12:35.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 2 June: David Bagot 17:21, James Parker 18:21, Richard Conyingham 19:04. 16 June: Tommy Hayes 16:30, Harry Harris 16:45, David Bagot 17:09. Kayla Fairbairn 21:07, Tia Knight 21:11.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 3 June: Sam Blake 15:18, Mike Wanden 17:42, Joel Martin 17:43. 10 June: Damon Nicholas 18:26, Matt Downs 18:40, Paul Cropp 19:06. Jacey Cropp 19:52. 17 June: Damon Nicholas 18:04, Nick Sutherland 18:24, Mike Wanden 19:06. Lucy Jacobs 18:06, Steffi Burrows 20:05. 24 June: Ryan Smith 16:41, Adam Berry 17:04, James Parker 17:59. Jacqueline Kemp 22:56.

Westhaven to Mt Eden 6km, 4 June: Tommy Hayes 21:38, Ronan Lee 22:09, Jahko Tohaia 22:30. Olivia Burne 25:50, Brigid Dennehy 26:22, Alana Lythe 27:06.

Run Auckland 10km, Sanders Reserve Paremoremo, 21 June: George Mawson 39:17, Julian Ng 39:39, Nathan Jones 40:11. Karen Donaldson-Barron 45:25.

XTERRA Trail Run, Waitawa Regional Park, 28 June: 22.1km; Yoan Dercourt 1:43:06, Craig Fowler !:43:15, James Kuegler 1:44:53. Maddie Dillon 2:02:33. 17km; Liam Bird 1:15:22, Donal McGoldrick 1:19:09, Max Oliviero 1:20:07. Rosie Taylor 1:44:58. 11km; Richard Harris 47:49, Jack Ryan 50:01, Ronan Codyre 50:50. Amelia Lythe 56:33, Alana Lythe 56:48. 5.5km; Samuel Rickerby 24:58, Jake Walden 26:05, Edgar Dorsemaine 26:08. Stella Hammond 27:13, Ruby Farquhar 27:42, Hazel Cook 28:00.

Cross Country Series, Kamahi Farm, Rangitumau, 28 June: 6km; Max Spencer 25:10, Flynn Register 26:18, Darius Simpson 26:31. Vikki Paine 33:32.

Monaco Mid-Winter Marathon, 21 June: Brian Kemp 2:59:45, Jono Leach 3:04:40, Luke Grogan 3:06:45. Klaartje Van Schie 3:04:21, Nat Price 3:11:31, Colette Read 3:28:38.

Sprig and Fern 10km, 27 June: Curtis Moore 39:29, Scott Whitley 39:37, Eddie Hohepa 40:25. Paula Canning 41:24, Colette Read 43:55, Tania Gardner 44:37.

Mt Difficulty Ascent, Bannockburn, 6 June: 44km; Weston Hill 4:52:30, Scotty Hawker 4:56:02, Sam Manson 5:17:06. Nancy Jiang 5:52:20. 25km; Ryan Carr 2:27:59, Colin Moran 2:49:11. Katie Smith 3:15:11.

Andy Galloway QSM
Marathon organising legend Andy Galloway QSM of Hamilton died on Friday 20 March 2020 aged 89.

He is well known for organising the first marathon of the new millennium in Hamilton. On New Year’s day 2000 at 6am the First to the Future Millennium Marathon took place with 2200 runners from 23 countries.

He was an internationally certified course measurer and he organised 27 Hamilton marathons and in 1997 resurrected Hamilton’s iconic Round-the-Bridges road race. He was secretary of the Association of International Marathons 1982-97 and was a committee member, president and life member of Hamilton Harriers.

He was an umpire at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. He ran 60 marathons, the first at aged 20 and the last on his 60th birthday in 1990.
Galloway received the Queen’s Service Medal in the 1990 Queen’s Birthday honours for services to athletics.

Eric de Lautour
Outstanding master runner Eric de Lautour of Tauranga died on Tuesday 14 April 2020 aged 99. He took up running at 63 and was an instant success, winning his age group 65-69, at the Rotorua Marathon for three straight years, 1986 3:30:06, 1987 3:23:05 and 1988 3:23:44.

He holds 19 New Zealand masters records from 60m to 10,000m and 10km on the road. In the 800m and 1500m he holds the M80, 85, 90 and 95 records.

After serving in North Africa and Italy in the second World War, he farmed in the Hawke’s Bay.

Cassells Kernahan
Canterbury stalwart Cassells Kernahan of Christchurch died on Saturday 6 June 2020 aged 94.

He was one of if not the longest serving time keeper at the annual Takahe to Akaroa relay and he officiated regularly at all Cross Country and Road Committee events.

He was president of the University of Canterbury Cross Country Club for three years from 1981 and subsequently made a life member of the Club. At the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games he was an official in the athletics report room and was a track judge at the 1981 Pacific Conference Games in Christchurch.

He was executive secretary of the fourth world veteran games in Christchurch in 1981. He competed at the games taking the silver medal in the men’s 55 800m in 2:10.11. Last year he received an Athletics Canterbury merit award for exceptional service to athletics.

Garth Gilmour
Renowned athletics author Garth Gilmour of Milford Auckland died on Thursday 25 June 2020 aged 94.

He was one of the original Auckland Joggers along with Arthur Lydiard and Colin Kay who had their first run of the Club in February 1962. Under Lydiard’s influence Gilmour gave up smoking and took up jogging.

He was born in Dunedin in 1925 and attended Otago Boys’ High School. From 1941 until 1986 he worked as a journalist on various newspapers throughout the country, including the Auckland Star, and then moved into advertising and public relations. Gilmour had a long and distinguished career as a writer and journalist.

Since the early 1960’s he collaborated and helped Arthur Lydiard write a number of training manuals and jogging philosophies which have been published in several languages. His first book with Arthur was Run to the Top in 1962, followed by A Clean Pair of Heels with Murray Halberg in 1963, No Bugles No Drums with Peter Snell in 1965 and Unstoppable with Sandra Barwick in 1993. In total he wrote 23 books and later wrote Arthur Lydiard Master Coach in 2004, Use it or Lose It with Peter Snell in 2006 and Peter Snell from Olympian to Scientist in 2007.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand