Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up


Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This edition includes:

New Zealand competition results
International results from USA
Road and Trail race results from around the country
ASB Auckland Marathon results

New Zealand Competition Results


McKinnon Shield Meeting, Herb Towers Track Mt Smart Stadium – 31 October 2020
Hamish Gill, runner up in the 100m and 200m at the nationals last March, opened his season with wins in the 60m and 100m. He recorded 6.82 +0.4 over 60m and 10.60 +0.4 in the 100m. James Guthrie-Croft, national under 18 sprint champion in 2016 and 2017, was second to Gill on both occasions in 6.96 and 10.82. Tommy Te Puni, national junior sprint champion, was third in the 100m in 11.01 and later won the 400m in 49.10 PB, his first 400m since running 52.21 in 2017.


Zane Powell led throughout the 1500m and finished in 3:59.19. Luke Clements won the 2000m steeplechase in 6:19.79.


After a delayed start due to heavy rain, Ettiene Du Preez cleared 4.90m in the pole vault and Olivia McTaggart was over the bar at 4.30m. Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.25m +2.4 also 7.12m +2.0. Percy Maka 5kg SP 14.28m, 1.5kg DT 34.44m.


Natasha Eady won the women’s sprint double with times of 7.60 -0.9 in the 60m and 12.03 +1.1 in the 100m. Amelie Fairclough held on to win the 400m in 58.05 from Sophie Atkinson 58.24.


Penelope Salmon likewise had to work hard to hold out Kimberley May in the 1500m, Salmon recording a PB 4:38.40 to May’s 4:39.08. Zoe Taylor 60m 8.08, 100m 12.81, LJ 5.51m -0.5. Suzannah Kennelly DT 41.71m, 3kg SP 13.45m PB. Rina Maka 40.65m.

Putaruru Bell Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 31 October 2020
Former national junior 400m and 400m hurdles champion and second in last season’s senior heptathlon championship, Alessandra Macdonald scored two personal bests in the 100m 12.57 +1.3 and the 200m 25.62 +1.7. Macdonald also had a 5.18m long jump and a 11.22m triple jump.


Hannah Gapes 3000m 9:52.25 PB. Sally Gibbs 3000m 11:56.53. Sophie Hancock TJ 10.05m, Marguerite Johansonn 10.85m. Kaia Tupu-South 3kg SP 16.96m, DT 44.10m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth HT 46.33m. Jacob Douglas 100m 11.47 +1.1, 400m 53.73. Ben Bidios 3000m 9:01.04. Liam McKee TJ 12.19m.

Regional League Meeting, Hastings Sports Park – 31 October 2020
Cody Wilson 100m 10.83 +3.8, 200m 21.74 +1.6. Tayla Brunger 100m 11.97 +2.0, 200m 24.76 +1.1. Aden Porritt 300m H 42.60. Monique Gorrie 400m 57.55. Charlie Roil 400m 52.07. Liam Lamb 1500m 4:02.85. Jamie Barnes 800m 1:59.62. Kaleb Sola 5kg HT 51.89m, 1.5kg DT 41.70m, 700g JT 48.76m. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg HT 49.90m, DT 40.66m PB, 3kg SP 12.12m. MacCullum Rowe 3000m 8:54.99. Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.54m +0.3. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.65m. Lara Hockly LJ 5.35m +2.5. Hanno Nel 5kg SP 14.00m. Max Abbot 1.5kg DT 48.64m PB. Antonia Jamieson 3kg HT 40.93m PB, Mikayla Sola 3kg HT 40.56m PB. Anna Thomson TJ 12.91m +3.4, also 12.84m +1.5.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 31 October 2020
Anna Percy 100m 12.09 +2.1, 200m 25.00 +5.8, 100m H 14.13 +1.6 PB. Joshua Bull PV 4.00m, LJ 6.22m +2.2, 1.5kg DT 44.71m. Jared Neighbours PV 3.70m. Josh Thiele PV 3.70m, 5kg SP 13.06m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.00m. Max Attwell 110m H 15.98 +2.9, DT 37.40m. Todd Bates HT 53.74m. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 47.70m. Kirsty McCarthy Dempsey 3kg SP 11.58m, 3kg HT 43.91m PB. Levi Murdoch LJ 6.26m +0.4. Asher Pettengell-Brand LJ 6.25m +2.0. Ethan Gow LJ 6.16m +0.6, TJ 13.25m +7.1. Hannah Maloney LJ 5.22m +1.5. Andres Hernandez 3000m 8:55.83. Louis Andrews 100m 11.18 +3.8. Quinn Andis 1.5kg DT 41.39m. Daniel Roswell 1500m 4:02.18. Laura Smith 1500m 4:40.64. Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.77m. Gracie Pratten TJ 11.19m +6.8. National champion Andrew Allan TJ 13.55m +3.7. Jordyn Blake 400m 56.00 PB, Maicalia Steinegg 57.12 PB, Angie Petty 57.18. Luke Mercieca 400m 50.26. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 14:58.34 PB.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 31 October 2020
Shay Veitch 200m 21.13 +3.9, LJ 7.54m -0.6 PB. Felix McDonald 200m 22.31, LJ 7.41m -0.2. Will Campbell 100m 11.36 +3.0. Josh Hou 800m 1:58.81. Myrtle Rough 800m 4:03.87 NZ masters W80 record, breaking Marcia Petley’s 2009 record of 4:37.69. Cameron Moffitt 300m H 40.26, 5kg SP 14.08m, LJ 6.19m +1.3, 700g JT 45.58m. Zharna Beattie DT 42.43m. Ethan Walker JT 59.07m. Anton Schroder JT 55.24m.

St Paul’s War Memorial Shield Meeting, Surrey Park – 31 October 2020
Trent Hogg 5kg SP 14.67m, 1.5kg DT 43.50m. James Tudor JT 41.43m. Norman Tudor JT 40.59m. Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 34.70m. James McLeay 3000m 10:08.19, Kennedy Taylor 3000m 10:13.76 PB. Buddy Small 3000m 9:31.88.


International Results
Big City Invitational, Icahn Stadium, New York, 23 October: Jordan Rackham De Spong 5000m 14:30.19 (6).
Road and Trail Races Around the Country
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 27 October: Tommy Hayes 16:26, David Bagot 16:49, Adam Berry 16:58. Rosie Taylor 20:22, Tia Knight 20:36.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 28 October: Tom Hanrahan 19:10, Greg Pearson 19:47, Robert Good 20:06.


Xterra Trail Run, Hunua, 1 November: 23.6km; Arie Mconie 2:04:19. Chloe Vincent 2:52:42. 19.4km; Marc Herrmann 1:48:21. Rosie Taylor 2:21:44. 12.6km; Benjamin Rickerby 55:23. Amelia Lythe 1:03:41. 5.8km; Samuel Rickerby 27:31. Stella Hammond 28:11.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 27 October: Ryan Danby 17:10, Harry Coles 17:38, Ryan Jones 17:49. Malesa McNearney 20:11.


City to Surf Half Marathon, 1 November: Luke Williams 1:22:49, Koen Wintershoven 1:27:07, Richard Malcolm 1:27:32. Arleah Tippins 1:31:14, Eden Craig 1:33:10, Brooke Murphy 1:34:17. Walk; Penny Purcell 2:17:42. 11km; Joe Mortimer 41:45. Kerry White 45:56. Walk; John Belgrave 1:10:41. 5km; Elliott Pugh 17:15.

65th Kawerau King of the Mountain, Mt Edgecumbe 8km, 31 October: David Haunschmidt 51:14, Chris Morrissey 54:07, Sam Clark 54:33. Kate Moore 1:03:42, Phoebe Barrett 1:09:55, Milla Dibben 1:10:44.

Tuesday Tune-Up, Westshore Napier, 27 October: Campbell MacDonald 17:54, Jonathan Moore 18:38, Dougie Kyle 19:02. Sophie Dennett-Welch 21:04.

Waterfront 5km Series, 27 October: Thomas Strawbridge 15:28, Ben Twyman 16:18, Josh Jordan 16:45. Madison Wos 19:27, Mel Stevens 19:50, Jessica McKenzie 19:57. Walk; David Sim 34:43.


Xterra Trail Run, McKerrow’s Revenge, 1 November: 18km; Nic Cox 1:30:04, Paul Campbell 1:31:37, Chris Lines 1:32:04. Rosie Walsh 1:53:33, Michelle Law 2:01:40, Bridget Johnson 2:02:19. 12km; Stephen Woodwark 1:22:24, Stephen Grenside 1:22:44, Adrian Jurke 1:24:51. Caroline Mellsop 1:35:40, Maia Holbert 1:41:21, Cassie Sutherland 1:41:42. 7.5km; Dan Hunt 25:10, Gareth Kitchingman 30:45, Brian Nevin 31:42. Emma Kew 30:53, Fiona Hayvice 32:18, Steph Versteeg 32:25.


Nelson Festival of Running Half Marathon, 1 November: Glenn Lilley 1:19:34, Michael Anderson 1:19:58, Dan Busch 1:21:38. Natalie Price 1:30:36, Paula Canning 1:30:40, Laura Smidt 1:34:07. 10km; Jordan Miller 37:09, James Holland 39:26, Dave Dunbar 39:55. Angela Leck 42:32.


Mission Mt Somers, Staveley, 31 October: Marathon; Struan Webb 4:43:39, Alastair McDowell 4:54:31, Steve O’Neill 4:57:46. Julia Grant 5:32:22, Laura Pattie 5:34:45, Emily Harrison 6:01:29. Half marathon; Ben Williams 2:03:46, Flavio Vianna 2:11:19, Stephen Blackwell 2:13:59. Sabrina Grogan 2:36:31, Claire Le Grice 2:53:14, Catherine Wilson 2:54:55.


Selwyn Running Festival, Leeston, 1 November: Incorporating Canterbury Half Marathon Championship: Jared Millar 1:16:08, Jason Sweney 1:17:17, Barney Hoskins 1:19:16 (Canterbury champion). Wendy Wrenn 1:43:15, Robyn Perkins 1:43:34 (Canterbury champion), Tessa Holland 1:45:07. 10km; Ieuan Van Der Peet 33:16.


Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent