Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up


Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This edition includes:

New Zealand Road Championships results
New Zealand competition results
Road and Trail race results from around the country
Athletics New Zealand AGM appointments and awards

New Zealand Competition Results

Athletics New Zealand Road Championships, Bruce Pulman Park Takanini – 7 November 2020
Matt Baxter, with a catch-me-if-you-can tactic, led throughout the five laps to convincingly win his first national senior road title in 30:22, excellent running for the conditions.

Baxter, who is usually in the States at this time of the year, was pleased to win the title, adding it to the national junior road title he won in 2012.

He led early into the headwind and made a break, leaving defending champion Aaron Pulford to battle out the other two medals with Eric Speakman. Pulford claimed the silver in 31:23, 16 seconds ahead of Speakman.

Baxter said that he went out a bit harder than he had planned.

“My plan was to be a little more conservative over the first lap and then the idea was to feel it out and see where the field was at and pick it up from there.

“I went out a little bit too hard, the time didn’t look bad but considering the wind it made it really rough.

“I progressively got slower from there. It was a hard effort the whole way and I really had to work for that one,” said Baxter.

Pulford found it tough going.

“Tough conditions and Matt’s a tough competitor, he’s world class.

“He went out pretty fast and I went with him early and then I just basically had to maintain a gap between me and Eric, but never give up on chasing Matt.

“It was a good race but a really tough course,” said Pulford.

Camille Buscomb also found it hard going, but was delighted to make it her eleventh New Zealand title.

“I’m really excited to get the title.

“It was hard, I didn’t feel great from the start. It was very hot and humid and that didn’t help the race.

“I had plenty of runners to work with but it’s so windy even being behind them, so somehow it was still really windy. And when you do get a tail wind it’s so hot.

“I had to try really hard, I didn’t feel good, but we got there and we did it,” said a relieved Buscomb.

Buscomb had her own personal duel in the race with Canterbury runner Thomas Richards.

“I ran with him in the Canterbury championships and I beat him there but today he beat me. He ran really well and I couldn’t keep up today.”

In the Canterbury champs Buscomb ran 32:45, three seconds faster than Richards, and at Bruce Pulman Park Richards finished ten seconds ahead.

Rebekah Greene (Otago) was second in 37:01 and Kelly Parlane third in 38:15.

Will Anthony set a New Zealand under 18 6km record with a decisive victory over Zane Powell in 18:35.

Anthony said he had to take into consideration the windy conditions and the distance of the race.

“So I went out hard from the start and held it at three minute km’s. I started well but then dropped off a bit but I was pretty happy how it went.”

Anthony added that he will be doing the 3000m and the road race at the national secondary schools champs.

Anthony clipped one second off Andres Hernandez’s record set in winning the race at Takanini last year.

Powell was second in 19:24 and Luke Clements third in 19:29.

Alana Barber had the senior 20km walking race to herself, pacing through for her third 20km title in 1:40:44.

“It was my first 20km race for a long time, so it was nice to get that feel of what a race feels like and I think it will help the next three months of really important training,” said Barber.

“It wasn’t a fantastic time but I wasn’t expecting a fantastic time as that’s where I’m at right now.

“The corners were really tight and as the race progressed it gets harder and harder and it’s a real effort to turn your body around and that was tough.”

Barber added that there’s a training camp in Nelson in December which will be really beneficial for her and the other leading walkers in New Zealand.

Alexander Brown (19) won the senior 20km walk title. The Otago competitor, who won silver in both the 3000m and 10,000m track walks at the national championships in March, recorded a time of 1:58:22.

Lucas Martin was over the moon with his performance in the under 18 5km walk, resulting in a clean sweep of setting fresh national age group records.

Martin was in second for most of the way behind Daniel Du Toit, but nearing the finish Du Toit was disqualified and Martin was suddenly winning.

He finished totally spent in 23:46, carving 1:40 off Du Toit’s New Zealand under 17, 18, 19 and 20 record. Martin has a faster unofficial time of 23:03 from a race in New Plymouth in August.

“I’m very sad for Daniel that he got DQ’d but I’m pleased that I picked up the New Zealand records. Even though I was dying inside, I was happy on the outside,” said Martin.

“I’ve been walking for two years, so I’m fairly new into the sport.”

Unlike most walkers who come into race walking from a running background, Martin has been involved since his first taste of heel and toe.

“I came into walking by coincidence, there’s a little fun race in Whanganui in March and the walk is first on the programme and as I got there early I decided to do the walk, and the rest is history,” he said.

Martin uses a programme from Bart Jones, but he also gets help from Alec McNab with training sessions and what to do during the week.

Other winners in the walks include, Quinn Gardiner-Hall under 16 5km, Richie Trathen under 14 3km, Heather McLean masters 10km, Antonia Martin under 18 5km, Alana Mathews under 16 5km and Molly O’Reilly under 14 3km.

Hannah Gapes was just nine seconds outside Mikayla Nielsen’s national age group record in the under 18 5km which she won in 17:27. Lauren Williams was second and Amelia Green third.

Under 20 winners were Liam Lamb and Maya Irving. Christian De Vaal had no trouble securing the under 16 4km and Bella Earl was equally impressive in her under 16 4km.

Sjors Corporaal led in the masters 10km in 33:20 and Sally Gibbs was the outright winner in the master women 5km in 19:45.

Boh Ritchie held out Amy Hurly by one second to win the under 14 girls 3km in 10:24 and Jack Erikson was a class above the rest in the under 14 boys 3km in 9:49.

Throwers Spring Meeting #3, AUT Millennium Stadium – 7 November 2020
Grace Matulovic 3kg SP 12.23m PB, 4kg SP 10.20m PB, DT 36.57m PB. Katew Hallie 3kg SP 11.90m PB. Jasmine Saimoa 3kg HT 52.76m. Brianna Tirado 500g JT 42.38m PB. Arno Van Der Westhuizen 7.26kg HT 53.06m PB. Anthony Barmes HT 52.75m. Daniel Shaw 700g JT 44.04m PB, 800g JT 40.32m PB.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 7 November 2020
Hamish Gill 100m 10.51 +2.5, 200m 21.21 -1.1. Tommy Te Puni 10.96, 22.00. Michael Goldie 300m 35.00. Sam Tanner 800m 1:55.09, 1500m 3:47.58.

Natasha Eady continued her fine early season form with a PB 200m 23.56m +0.3 after an earlier 100m 11.78 +0.8. Nadia Evans 100m 11.99 +0.8, 200m 24.65 -0.1. Camryn Smart 200m 25.05 +0.3 PB, 300m 38.76. Samantha Corbett 1500m 4:51.54. Hinewai Knowles 100m H 14.94 -0.1.

Josie Taylor HJ 1.75m. Sarah Hewlett TJ 10.41m +1.1. Losaline Lose 3kg SP 11.50m. Jayden Williamson HJ 2.00m. Kaealan Paranihi TJ 13.16m 0.0 PB.

Sam Johnson Throwers Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 8 November 2020
National discus champion Te Rina Keenan set a New Zealand masters W30 discus record with a throw of 53.53m, breaking Raylene Bates’ 1995 record of 44.16m.

Suzie Kennelly 3kg SP 13.75m, DT 43.95m. Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 13.63m, 3kg HT 44.39m. Jasmine Saimoa 3kg HT 53.78m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 4kg HT 44.27m. Gabriella Fataki 600g JT 41.40m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 14.89m, 6kg HT 50.79m, 1.75kg DT 48.91m. Levi White 4kg HT 55.70m. Toby Robb 700g JT 46.82m. Sionann Murphy F37 under 16 1kg DT of 19.65m.


WHAC Meeting, Newtown Park – 7 November 2020
Ten times New Zealand sprint champion Joseph Millar opened his season of racing with a double of 10.78 -1.2 over 100m and 48.82 in the 400m. Jake Paul was second in the 100m in 11.05 and Ethan Mckenzie second in the 400m in 51.88.

Cody Wilson won the 200m in 22.19 -0.8.

Lili Szabo 100m 12.71 +1.6. Bella Willis 200m 26.77 +1.3. Maia Wilkinson 400m 59.76. Maali Kyle-Ford 1000m 3:01.09. Mikayla Sola DT 31.08m. Mason Waterworth 1000m 2:40.95. Hamish Lock HJ 1.85m. Zion Trigger Faitele DT 47.79m. Kaleb Sola 700g JT 52.23m. Anna Thomson LJ 5.46m +0.7.


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 4 November 2020
Fletcher Pickworth, third in the national junior 1500m, 1000m 2:39.04 PB, Matt Bowen 2:45.16. Leela Douglas 3kg SP 11.05m PB.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 7 November 2020
Angie Petty 800m 2:07.82. Laura Smith 800m 2:15.40. Samantha Fookes 800m 2:16.69.
Max Attwell 800g JT 45.78m, DT 37.53m, SP 12.22m. Hannah Moloney LJ 5.34m +0.9, 100m 12.76 +1.6. Levi Ferguson LJ 6.34m +0.4 PB. Nicholas Ryan PV 3.30m PB, Josh Thiele PV 3.90m PB. Maddie Spence 100m H 15.46 +1.6. Maddie Wilson 100m H 15.87 -1.1. Pai Wynyard 3000m 9:15.04. Maddie Sharpe 3000m 10:42.45. Tatiana Kaumona DT 47.43m. Tapenisa Havea DT 41.71m, 3kg SP 16.75m. Alfie Baker HJ 2.01m PB. Elliot Nye 100m 11.03 +1.9, 200m 22.45 +2.2. Rebecca Peterson 100m 12.47 +1.3. Ethan Gow TJ 13.67m +2.0 PB. Gracie Pratten TJ 10.88m +2.0. Daniel Rowell 800m 1:56.84. Laura Smith 800m 2:15.40. Joshua Bull 1.5kg DT 41.86m. John Wells 200m 22.26 +2.2. Julia Burnham 200m 25.19 +2.8. Olivia Herman 300m H 48.43 PB.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 7 November 2020
Schuyler Orr 60m 7.19 +0.6. Joshua Hou 400m 52.76, 1500m 4:09.80. Abby Fisher 400m 59.52. Kennedy Taylor 1500m 4:47.72. Gregor Findlay 5000m 15:48.65. Jade Zaia DT 46.54m. Zharna Beattie DT 40.93m. Todd Bates HT 51.37m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 53.18m PB and Otago W20 record. Nirvana Hepi-Breen 3kg HT 41.43m. Anton Schroder 800g JT 53.94m, Ethan Walker 56.66m. Sarah Langsbury 100m H 14.81 -1.2.


Road and Trail Races Around the Country
Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 2 November: Ronan Codyre 18:43, Dion Wallwork 19:10, Finn Harrison 19:30. Abbey Bolton 21:42.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 3 November: Tommy Hayes 16:33, Duncan Morrison 16:50, Harry Harris 17:00. Robyn Lesh 20:04, Tia Knight 20:48, Lana Davison 21:25.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 4 November: Mike Wanden 17:18, Noah Hanrahan 19:38, Tom Hanrahan 19:38. Rachel Clarke 21:38.

Shore to Shore 5.9km, Takapuna, 8 November: Dominic Cook 23:24, Joseph Hemphill 24:27, Max Cook 24:33. Emma Davies 24:58, Macie Cook 25:20, Emma-Kaye Schroeder 27:08.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 3 November: Ryan Danby 17:36, Rhys Mildon 18:02, John Bowe 18:08. Malesa McNearney 20:17, Kirsten Milne 20:19, Dawn Tuffery 21:08.


Tuesday Tune-Up 5km, Westshore Napier, 3 November: Amber Morrison 19:01, Robin Moore 19:37, Tim McDougall 20:24.


Feilding Marathon, 7 November: Mark Searle 2:54:49. Anita Chan 3:32:13. Half; Brendon Corner 1:27:18, David Creamer 1:28:19, John Hartevelt 1:28:27. Claire Horner 1:37:16. 10km; Denis Owen 37:38. Poppy Rae 38:45. 5km; William Twiss 19:54. Lucy McLean 21:00.

Waterfront 5km Series, 3 November: Ben Twyman 15:45, Ryan Hunt 16:22, Paul Barwick 16:24. Danielle Trewoon 19:45, Emily Solsberg 20:10, Emma Bassett 20:47. Walk; Stuart Beresford 30:01.

Lochmara Lodge Half Marathon, 7 November: Chris Cartwright 1:40:00, Philip Taylor 1:40:38, Mark Hodren 1:45:20. Zara Walker 1:51:38, Emily Marfell 1:56:14, Jennifer Hogg 1:59:20.


Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 2 November: Simon Connor 20:30, Darryl Colligan 20:40, Gareth Cashin 20:48.

Eddyline Estuary 5km, Richmond, 4 November: Curtis Moore 17:50, Brian Kemp 18:17, Simon Connor 20:57. Colette Read 21:48.


Corporate Challenge 5km, North Hagley Park, 4 November: Ryan Kiesanowski 17:10, Brendon Fisher 17:51, Scott Ferguson 18:22. Kirsten Hall 20:23, Emily Lane 20:32, Libby Pickering-Smith 21:40.

Boulder Bay 10km Classic, Taylors Mistake Beach, 8 November: Daniel Redmond 41:41, Vajin Armstrong 41:47, Steve Melton 41:58. Molly Spark 49:51, Liliana Braun 51:03, Amanda Robinson 51:57.


Balclutha Half Marathon, 1 November: Jonah Smith 1:14:23, Craig Iversen 1:22:17, Mark Watt 1:23:23. Kristy Eyles 1:31:34.
Athletics New Zealand Annual General Meeting
At the AGM on Sunday, Sir John Walker was appointed patron, Karen Gillum-Green was elected vice-president, Dianne Rodger elected to the Board appointments panel and Genevieve Macky was elected to the Board. Catherine Rossiter-Stead was appointed to the Board by the appointments panel.


Merit Awards were presented to Craig Brown, Henry Tudor and Ray Young. Life Membership was accorded to the late Don Chadderton, Trevor Spittle and John Tylden. Debbie Strange received the Arthur Eustace Coaching Award.


Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent