Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up


Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This edition includes:

  • New Zealand competition results
  • International results from England and Australia
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country



New Zealand Competition Results
Athletics New Zealand 24-hour Running Championship – AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore – 14/15 November 2020
Keith Burrows from the Owairaka Club won the New Zealand 24-hour title, covering 222.4km. The 45-year-old was a clear winner with James Inwood of Greytown second, clocking up 190km, and the 2018 New Zealand 100km champion Wayne Botha of Takapuna third, with 188km.

Burrows, with a recent 5km PB of 16:45 in the O’Hagan’s viaduct event, warmed up for the 24-hour race by taking the 45-49 age group in the Auckland marathon in 2:45:00.

Burrows, who shifted to New Zealand from England two and a half years ago, was surprised to win.

“I didn’t expect to win at a national level. I went into the race as the dark horse, as I wasn’t mentioned in the preview.

“I’ve done a couple of 100 mile races in England and I looked at previous results of the 24-hour run, and knew that I would get to 200km,” said Burrows.

Burrows said that he took the warm conditions at this time of the year into account.

“I said to myself over and over, keep drinking, keep drinking. Over the next six hours of the run I opened up a good lead and I thought if I keep the same pace going I’ll be okay.

“The only problem I had was Sunday morning when the sun came up. Running into the sun was difficult and I had to close my eyes which tricked the brain to sleep, so I ended up sleep running,” said Burrows.

He said he would like to come back next year and have a crack at the six-hour record, which he thinks is achievable.

Defending champion Mike Field of Port Hills Christchurch was sixth with 174.8km.

Spaniard Maite Rojo, who is based in Cambridge, won the women’s 24-hour with 206km but was not eligible for the national title as she is not registered with an Athletics NZ club. Dawn Tuffery of Hamilton therefore retained her national title with 196.1km, Whangarei’s Kirsty Hamlin was third in the race with 172.8km and Jaime Stevenson of Auckland fourth, running 161.2km.

As Rojo and Stevenson are both not registered with a club, Hamlin claimed the New Zealand championships second place while Patricia Stichbury of Feilding earned third with 143.1km.

Tuffery was pleased to technically win the title but paid tribute to Rojo.

“Maite ran a great race and she was the winner,” said Tuffery.

“It was a really hot one this year and in the heat it was a struggle and that was the biggest challenge.

“I’m disappointed not to get a PB and the 200km, but I’m happy with what I got.

“It is a lovely lot of people to be with and race against,” she added.

12-hour race: Tom Keeler 112.4, Garry Wilson 89.6, Mark Gray 71.6. Valerie Muskett 50.4. 6-hour race: Mitchell Carlyle 69.2, Zane Adams 58.4, Alan Potter 58.0. Mel Aitken 45.2, Niribili File 31.6.

McKinnon Shield Meeting #2, Mt Smart Stadium – 14 November 2020
Natasha Eady was still in shock the day after scorching through to personal best times over 100m and later 200m. With perfect conditions the 22-year-old clocked 11.61 -0.5 in the 100m and 23.35 +0.2 in the 200m.

“I’m kind of in shock about it. It was not the result I was expecting, although we’ve been tracking towards this,” said Eady.

Her 100m time now ranks tenth on the New Zealand women’s all-time list and the 200m time moves her up to fifth all-time.

Coached by Elena Brown, Eady said that during the Covid lockdown she was able to focus more on training.

Her employment is with an advertising company and one of their clients is Powerade, which Eady says is beneficial in keeping her in touch with the sporting community.

Marielle Venida, under 18 sprint bronze medallist at the nationals, was second in the 100m in 12.35 and national under 18 sprint champion Nadia Evans continues to impress with a personal best of 24.31 in finishing second in the 200m.

Hamish Gill was sharp over 200m in 21.09 +2.6.

Portia Bing competed in a 300m 762mm hurdles, finishing in 41.21. Zachary Saunders clocked 39.79 in the 300m hurdles and was second in the 200m in 22.32. Ava Duggan recorded 46.59 in the 300m hurdles.

Liam McKellar and Stephen Thorpe dead-heated in the 100m in 11.32. James Harding 800m 1:53.52, Luke Hitchcock 1:54.73.

Arno van der Westhuizen HT 53.01m, Anthony Barmes 52.19m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 5kg HT 54.97m. Jayden Williamson HJ 1.94m.

Three times national long jump champion Matthew Wyatt won the triple jump with 14.11m +2.6 and set a New Zealand masters M30 record of 14.07m -0.2 with his next best legal jump.

Diana Ismagilova also set a New Zealand masters record in the triple jump. She won with 12.40m +2.7 and set a W30 record of 12.07m +0.8 with her next best legal jump. Elena Edgar-Nemec TJ 11.17m PB, Sophie Hancock TJ 10.97m +1.3 PB, also a PB in the 300m hurdles 46.68.

Krystie Solomon 800m 2:15.58, Kimberley May 2:15.71 PB, Sophie Atkinson 2:16.55. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 4kg HT 46.86m. Havana Hopman HJ 1.60m.

Auckland 3000m championships: SW Bethany Bromfield 10:35.98 PB, Amanda Holyer 10:52.23, Steffi Burrows 11:41.71. SM Guillaume 9:51.55, U/20 Sam Waldin 8:48.77 PB, Sam Heyes 8:53.37 PB, Jude Darby 8:58.66. U/18 Zane Powell 8:36.42, Joseph Morgan 8:37.57 PB, Christian De Vaal 8:47.65 PB. U/16 Cameron Maunder 9:22.48 PB, Nick Davies 9:23.15, Jack Snedden 9:41.83. U/14 Jack Erikson 9:37.83 Auckland B14 championship record, Quinn Moss 9:44.70, Connor Boulton 9:50.22. U/18 Penelope Salmon 10:00.49 PB, Peyton Leigh 10:17.10, Amelia Green 10:30.24. U/16 Bella Earl 10:21.08, Sophie Robb 10:29.43 PB, Stella Hammond 10:46.93. U/14 Ruby Farquhar 10:47.82, Zara Pomfret 10:57.63, Scarlett Robb 11:13.91. MW Christine Adamson 12:41.70. MM Paul Crowhurst 9:21.03, Nick Moore 9:22.98.

Regional Meeting, Cooks Gardens – 14 November 2020
Kapiti Mana repeated their first round victory, proving to be the top scoring team at the second round of the Central Regions Teams competition held at Cooks Gardens Whanganui. They finished the day on 212 points, with Palmerston North second with 204 points and Whanganui in third place on 177 points.

The day started well for the host club Whanganui with Genna Maples impressing, winning the 300m hurdles in 45.37, heading off NZ Secondary Schools junior Champion Maggie Jones. In the men's race, Nathaniel Kirk's winning time of 39.67 was a new Athletics Manawatu Wanganui centre record for 16-year-olds.

With Whanganui hosting an Officials Training Course for walk judging, we had the unusual sight of there being more walk judges on the track than competitors for the 3000m walk. Daniel Du Toit completed first in 12:59.43, with second place getter Lucas Martin's time of 13:12.05 a new Athletics Manawatu Wanganui record. Laura Langley recorded 14:18.36.

Tayla Brunger continued her good form by winning the 400m in 56.13, dragging two Palmerston North 15-year-olds Monique Gorrie 57.36 and Kimberley Walsh 57.99 through to personal bests. They also achieved personal bests in the 200m, with Walsh winning in 25.91 -2.7 and Gorrie second in 26.12. This race proved to be to Palmerston North’s benefit, with identical twins Addira and Chayille Collette next across the lines in almost identical times of 22.62 and 22.63.

Sprinters had to contend with blustery headwinds, Cody Wilson taking out the sprint double in 11.06 -2.0 and 21.98 -3.5. Lili Szabo 100m 12.82 -4.3, LJ 5.39m +0.8.

The most impressive winner of the longer races was Will Anthony, finishing more than a minute ahead of the second place getter in the 3000m in 8:37.26.

Palmerston North's long jumper Forbes Kennedy has been one of the country's most improved athletes and once again increased his personal best in winning the long jump with a legal 6.64m +2.0 effort. Anna Thomson had a very consistent series in the triple jump with a best effort of 12.93m +4.3, also 12.65m +1.4. An indication of the difficult conditions she had to contend with was that most of her jumps were recorded with wind readings in excess of three metres per second. Jamie Kearns TJ 12.90m +3.0 also 12.85m +1.9.

Andre Le Pine-Day 2000m steeplechase 6:29.62. Brayden Grant 400m 50.75. Eliza Squire 1500m 4:46.18, Emma Ferguson 4:47.28, Caitlin Bassett 4:48.55. Andre Gunderson 100m H 15.43 -2.9, 1.25kg DT 49.43, 5kg SP 14.24m. Ana Sidwell 800m 2:21.88. Kosta Mills 800m 1:59.17. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.72m, Matt Beling HJ 1.92m. Samuel Phillips 5000m 15:59.34. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg HT 50.39m, DT 38.98m, 3kg SP 12.23m. Kaleb Sola 5kg HT 53.02m, 700g JT 49.75m.

Scottish Twilight Meeting, Newtown Park – 11 November 2020
Lili Szabo 100m 12.97 +1.1. Jordan Stewart 100m 11.47 +1.8. Saravee Sos 200m 23.50 +1.8. Malcolm Hodge 3000m 8:48.35 PB, Liam Wright 9:11.13. Susannah Lynch 3000m 10:21.21. Deborah Lynch 800m 2:27.93, 3000m 10:27.02.


Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 13 November 2020
Camryn Smart 100m 12.48 -0.4, 200m 24.78 +1.1 PB. Bryn Stevens 11.73, 23.63. Hayley Bond 100m 12.94 -0.4, 200m 25.99 +1.1 PB. Izzy Neal 800m 2:17.18 PB, Laura Smidt 2:26.82, Eloise Beattie 2:28.70, Heidi Stephens 2:29.03. Matt Bowen 3000m 9:12.82. Adam Stack LJ 6.66m, TJ 12.29m. Ariana Mudgway 500g JT 30.80m.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 14 November 2020
Julia Burnham recorded 14.89 +0.8 over the 100m hurdles, 12.69 -1.2 in the 100m and 25.17 +0.6 in the 200m. Maia Broughton secured an impressive double 200m 24.76 +0.6 and 400m 57.42.

Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 15.65m, DT 40.24m. Nikolas Kini 1.5kg DT 49.61m, 6kg SP 16.89m. Eli Leifi HJ 1.95m PB. Charlie Cameron PV 4.15m. Joshua Bull PV 4.05m, LJ 6.14m +0.2. Mayce Ballantyne 4kg HT 48.56m. Quin Andis LJ 6.17m +0.4. Hannah Maloney LJ 5.44m -2.4, Kelsey Berryman LJ 5.31m -0.2. Luke Mitchell 3000m 9:13.92. Neve Moulai 3000m 10:53.98. Thomas Richards 5000m 16:22.94. Ethan Smolej 1500m 4:00.45. Tillie Hollyer 1500m 4:46.58. Jessica Hendren HJ 1.67m. Gracie Pratten TJ 10.73m +0.2. Takunda Mabonga TJ 12.52m 0.0. John Wells 200m 22.35 +1.1. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 47.07m. Violette Perry DT 40.83m. Ben Phillips 5kg SP 13.64m. Liam O’Donnell 2000m steeplechase 6:39.35.

South Island Combined Events Championships, Caledonian Ground – 14/15 November 2020
Shay Veitch scored a personal best of 6540 points in winning the senior decathlon title. His performances were 100m 10.83 +0.7, LJ 7.21m -0.5, SP 10.78m, HJ 1.82m, 400m 48.20, 110m H 16.65 +0.1, DT 30.76m, PV 3.30m, JT 42.30m, 1500m 4:44.16. Jared Neighbours was second with 5782 and Ethan Phillips third 5115.

Under 18 decathlon Cameron Moffitt 6492 PB (11.67 +0.7, 6.33m +0.9, 14.41m, 1.79m, 51.80, 15.34 +0.1, 41.75m, 3.20m, 41.50m, 4:47.92). Under 16 octathlon Rico Fisher 3910.

Three times national champion Christina Ryan won the senior women’s heptathlon with 4614 (100m H 15.40 0.0, HJ 1.57m, SP 11.30m, 200m 26.62 +0.5, LJ 5.50m -1.3, JT 32.90, 800m 2:43.63). Under 20 Maddie Wilson 4639. Under 16 Jorja Gibbons 3139.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 14 November 2020
Hamish Kerr set a Caledonian Ground record in the high jump, clearing 2.16m. Marcus Wolton was over the bar at 2.07m. Gabi Horo established an Otago W16 record in the pole vault with 2.70m.

Rosie Elliott, runner up in the 100m and 200m at last season’s national championships, competed in the mixed races recording 11.76 +1.2 in the 100m and 24.13 +1.0 in the 200m. Will Campbell 100m 11.23 +1.2, LJ 5.70m -0.4. Feliz McDonald 200m 22.35 +1.0, LJ 5.70m +1.0. Anna Percy 100m 11.95 +2.4, 100m H 14.29 -0.9. Sophie McCormick 400m 57.42. Dylan Forde 400m 52.10, 800m 1:56.30. Billie Crowe 800m 2:21.05. Niamh Townsend LJ 5.31m -0.1. Andrew Allan TJ 13.83m +0.6. Jade Zaia 2kg DT 45.15m. Trent Hogg 1.5kg DT 42.67m, 5kg SP 14.28m. Zharna Beattie DT 42.02m Nirvana Hepi-Breen 3kg HT 45.55m. Zaine Murdoch 5kg SP 14.60m.

Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 13 November 2020
Trent Hogg, national under 18 shot and discus bronze medalist, set a Southland 16-17 5kg shot put record of 16.51m, almost a metre improvement on his personal best. Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 36.82m, 3kg SP 11.92m. Kennedy Taylor 1500m 4:50.87. Jack Stalker 100m 11.72 +0.8. Quinn Hartley LJ 6.86m +2.9, 100m 11.79 +0.8. Bernice Cullen LJ 5.11m +3.4. Sam McDonald TJ 13.04m +3.6.


International Results
Herne Hill Harriers Halloween Meeting, Battersea Park Wandsworth London, 31 October: Georgie Grgec 3000m 9:21.7 h (1).

Alana Boyd Shield at QSAC, Brisbane, 7 November: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 800m 2:08.66 (2) PB.

Jai Taurima Shield Meeting at QSAC, Brisbane, 14 November: Lilli Burdon 1500m 4:17.82 (1), Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 1500m 4:25.24 (4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 9 November: Jake Hellawell 18:19, Dion Wallwork 18:28, Stu Gilbert 19:23.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 10 November: Greg Darbyshire 15:52, Josh Nishitani 16:07, David Bagot 16:14. Lana Davison 21:20, Christine Adamson 21:30.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 11 November: Greg Darbyshire 15:16, Mike Wanden 17:00, Sam Mayhew 18:20. Jacey Cropp 19:20.

Owairaka 8km, from Lovelock Track, 15 November: Cameron Graves 24:03 (race record and first person to break 25 minutes on the course), Fabe Downs 25:39, Sam Waldin 26:15. Bethany Bromfield 30:38, Sophie Broome 34:54, Ruth Pauline 40:39. Master men; Nick Moore 26:16.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 10 November: John Mering 17:14, John Bowe 18:08, Nigel Cross 18:45. Hannah Linney 20:04, Kirsten Milne 20:36.

Round-the-Bridges 12km, 15 November: Michael Voss 37:10, Jacob Priddey 38:30, Regan Bones 40:16. Camille Buscomb 41:00, fourth overall, Kovo Macdonald 49:33, Frances Stringfellow 49:55.


Tuesday Tune-Up 5km, Westshore Napier, 10 November: Cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.


Taranaki Steelformers Around the Mountain 6/7 November: 100 miles; 2002 Commonwealth Games 50km silver medallist Craig Barrett 17:03:11, Albie Jane 28:03:55. Barrett was second last year in 16:25:12. 50 mile; Shinu Saju 9:47:10, Jeff Smith 11:39:22.


Waterfront 5km Series, 10 November: Lucas Duross 15:31, Ben Twyman 16:05, Max Poland 17:14. Mel Stevens 20:00, Emma Bassett 20:26, Rama Watterson 21:41. Walk; Clive McGovern 29:50, Jacqueline Wilson 32:15.

Corporate Challenge 5km, Waitangi Park, 11 November: Vedran Jovic 17:40, Daniel Hunt 17:56, David Shewan 18:23. Nicola Hankinson 19:43, Florence Reynolds 20:15, Rose Scott 20:39.

Xterra Trail Run, Meridian Wind Farm, 15 November: 18km; Tom Peck 1:43:12, Hayden Smith 1:43:57, Andrew Rutherdale 1:45:08. Deborah Lynch 1:47:58, Emma Pescini 1:58:08, Nicole Hankinson 1:58:35. 12km; Stephen Woodwark 1:05:07, Stephen Grenside 1:06:30, Miroslav Horak 1:06:43. Laura Jackson 1:15:46, Jane Brown 1:16:08, Johanna Milius 1:17:30. 7.5km; Walter Somerville 29:10, Logan Akers 32:37, Nick Mereu 35:43. Laura Green 32:37, Maia Holbert 38:08, Fiona Hayvice 42:32.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 15 November: Hiro Tanimoto 33:09, Michael Sear 37:12, Eduardo D'Leon 40:50. 5km; Dan Nixon 16:49.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 9 November: Dan Busch 17:31, Ryan Martyn 20:10, Nick Lovell 20:13. Colette Read 21:31, Robyn Deane 22:01.

Eddyline Estuary 5km, Templemore, 11 November: Curtis Moore 17:55, Eddie Hohepa 18:21, Simon Connor 20:43.

Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake 25km Trail Run, 14 November: Patrick Higgins 1:42:21, Rhys John 1:46:43, Calum Coombs 1:58:48. Tania McWilliams 2:10:22, Georgia Whitla 2:20:11, Louise Darwin 2:20:41.


Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent