Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up


the latest edition of the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This edition includes:

New Zealand competition results
International results from Australia
Road and Trail race results from around the country
The final edition of the Weekly Round Up for 2020 will be on 21 December and it will return in 2021 on 11 January.


New Zealand Competition Results
New Zealand Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships, Tauranga Domain – 11/13 December 2020
Eddie Osei-Nketia captured the senior boys sprint double with convincing wins over 100m in 10.68 -1.9 and 200m in 22.01 0.0. He was well clear in both with Oliver Krijnen, last year’s junior champion, second in the 100m in 11.18, and Zachary Saunders second in the 200m in 22.58. The schools records of 10.60 and 21.39 survive another year.

Zane Powell was outstanding in the senior boys 1500m and 3000m, recording personal best times in both events. With a 60 second last lap he cleared out from Will Anthony in the 3000m to retain his title in 8:31.48, and with an equally impressive last lap of 55 seconds he was home first in the 1500m in 3:54.47. Chanel Muir with a PB 3:59.45 was second and Joseph Morgan, also with a PB 3:59.55, in third. Powell was also an integral member of the Kings College winning team in the 4 x 400m relay.

Jayden Williamson highlighted the senior boys field events, retaining his senior high jump title with a personal best jump of 2.11m to equal Glenn Howard’s 1993 schools record. Junior champion last year, Quinn Hartley achieved a PB of 2.08m in second.

Kaia Tupu-South broke Maddison-Lee Wesche’s 2017 senior girls 3kg shot put record of 17.02m with a winning performance of 17.54m. Tupu-South also won the discus throw.

Tai Rhodes added 5cm to the junior boys pole vault record, clearing 3.55m. Jess Hendren set a fresh record of 1.77m in the junior girls high jump, a centimetre improvement on Keeley O’Hagan’s 2009 record. Lillian Bing also added 1cm to a record, this time in the junior girls pole vault with a height of 3.51m, breaking Aria Rhodes' 2017 record.

Cameron Moffitt, national under 18 hurdles champion, made it a double in the hurdles recording 38.34 in the 300m hurdles and a PB 15.05 in the 110m.

Liam Ngchok-Wulf went close to winning three throwing events. He won the hammer, the shot with a PB 17.79m and was second in the discus with 50.17m. Max Abbot won the discus with a PB 50.77m.

Tayla Brunger captured the senior girls 100m in 12.25, beating defending champion Hinewai Knowles. Brunger later won the 400m in 56.06. Hannah Gapes with a PB 4:36.42 proved too strong for Kim May in the 1500m.

Twins Chloe and Bella Browne were in top form, Chloe winning the 3000m from Gapes with Bella third. In the 2000m steeplechase Bella won from Chloe with Gapes third, all three running personal bests. The twins were also in action in the 4 x 400m relay in the winning St Cuthbert’s College team.

Lara Hockly with PB’s of 5.76m and 12.31m took out the long and triple jump double.

Ethan Lagatule won the junior boys sprint double and Marielle Venida the same double in the junior girls.

Nadia Kumerich in the junior girls field events won the shot put with 14.56m and the hammer throw with 50.17m, both career bests.

Corran Hanning F12 was out to 36.35m with the 1.5kg discus.

Results at a glance:
Senior Boys
100m: Edward Osei-Nketia (ScotsC) 10.68s 1, Oliver Krijnen (St Pats Silv) 11.18s 2, Will Chunn (ChchBHS) 11.21s 3.
200m: Osei-Nketia 22.01s 1, Zachary Saunders (Botany Downs) 22.58s 2, Angus Lyver (Pal/Nth) 22.83s 3.
400m: Flynn Marshall (Orewa) 48.88s PB 1, James Robertson (KingsC) 49.13s PB 2, Troy Middleton (MAGS) 50.03s PB 3.
800m: James Harding (KingsC) 1m 54.84s 1, Logan Cowie (St Kents) 1m 56.85s 2, Matt Gould (WBHS) 1m 57.76s 3.
1500m: Zane Powell (Kings C) 3m 54.47s PB 1, Chanel Muir (Catholic CC) 3m 59.45s PB 2, Joseph Morgan (HamBHS) 3m 59.55s PB 3.
3000m: Powell 8m 31.48s PB 1, Will Anthony (Scots C) 8m 34.97s 2, Ben Bidois (Cambridge) 8m 37.34s PB 3.
3000m race walk: Daniel du Toit (Te Aho) 13m 14.23s 1, Lucas Martin (WanganuiCollgte) 13m 28.10s 2, Jonah Cropp (St Andrews) 14m 3.86s PB 3.
110m hurdles: Cameron Moffitt (OtagoBHS) 15.05s PB 1, Tremayne Redman-Gardner (Avondale) 15.22s 2, Nat Kirk (WhanganuiHS) 15.56s PB 3.
300m hurdles: Moffitt 38.34s 1, Saunders 39.04s 2, Kirk 39.25s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Luke Clements (MAGS) 6m 3.38s PB 1, Will Taylor (St Peter’s) 6m 14.71s 2, Max Yanzick (St Kevin’s) 6m 16.00s 3.
Shot put: Liam Ngchok-Wulf (Manurewa) 17.79m PB 1, Trent Hogg (Sthld) 16.75m PB 2, Moffitt 15.12m PB 3.
Discus throw: Max Abbot (WgtnC) 50.77m PB 1, Ngchok-Wulf 50.17m 2, Ben Skelton (MAGS) 47.49m PB 3.
Hammer throw: Ngchok-Wulf 56.11m 1, William Manulelia (Manurewa) 54.51m 2, Damien Anae (Manurewa) 54.12m 3.
Javelin throw: Ethan Walker (Taieri) 58.94m 1, Campbell Robb (St Pauls) 54.14m 2, Toby Robb (St Pauls) 52.24m PB 3.
Long jump: Matthew Bealing (St Pats S’strm) 6.84m PB 1, Lyver 6.80m 2, Quinn Hartley (James Harg) 6.77m 3.
Triple jump: Charles Annals (HamBHS) 14.23m PB 1, Ethan Gow (Lincoln) 13.85m 2, Kane De Vries (Hawera) 13.27m PB 3.
High jump: Jayden Williamson (Rosmini) 2.11m PB = Record 1, Quinn Hartley (James Hargest) 2.08m PB 2, Redman-Gardner 1.99m 3.
Pole vault: Joshua Bull (CCC) 4.15m 1, Ruben Vogel (TGS) PB and Charlie Cameron (Christ’sC) 4.05m 2 equal.
4 x 100m relay: Palmerston North BHS (Aden Porritt, Caleb Evans, Dirki Botha, Angus Lyver) 44.54s 1, St Patrick’s Silverst 44.60s 2, Avondale College 44.73s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Kings College (James Harding, James Ford, Zane Powell, James Robertson) 3m 24.09s 1, Napier Boys High School 3m 26.79s 2, John McGlashan College 3m 27.91s 3.
6km Road Race: Anthony 18m 51s 1, Mac Rowe (N/PlyBHS) 19m 0s 2, Yanzick 19m 2s 3.

Senior girls
100m: Tayla Brunger (Te Aho) 12.25s 1, Hinewai Knowles (Cambridge) 12.55s 2, Briana Irving (GisborneGHS) 12.74s 3.
200m: Nadia Evans (Long Bay) 25.01s 1, Irving 25.88s 2, Abby Fisher (Mt Aspiring) 26.11s 3.
400m: Brunger 56.06s 1, Holly Rule (Whangarei GHS) 57.57s 2, Annalies Kalma (St Peters) 58.03s 3.
800m: Emma Douglass (WgtnGC) 2m 14.19s 1, Joanna Poland (Avondale) 2m 15.79s 2, Brianna Lee (NapierGHS) 2m 16.09s 3.
1500m: Hannah Gapes (John Paul) 4m 36.42s PB 1, Kim May (Avondale) 4m 39.31s 2, Peyton Leigh (St Cuths) 4m 41.90s 3.
3000m: Chloe Browne (St Cuths) 10m 15.93s 1, Gapes 10m 20.45s 2, Bella Browne (St Cuths) 10m 26.17s 3.
2000m race walk: Antonia Martin (R’to) 11m 2.24s 1, Alana Matthews (Rosehill) 11m 20.10s 2, Madeline Thomas (Craighead) 11m 27.22s 3.
100m hurdles: Knowles 14.35s 1, Maggie Jones (WhanganuiHS) 14.57s PB 2, Julia Burnham (Villa Maria) 15.02s 3.
300m hurdles: Jones 44.71s 1, Alicia O’Connor (Hillcrest) 45.86s PB 2, Sarah Langsbury (St Hilda’s) 46.44s PB 3.
2000m steeplechase: Bella Browne 7m 1.53s PB 1, Chloe Browne 7m 8.87s PB 2, Gapes 7m 19.26s PB 3.
Shot put: Kaia Tupu-South (WGHS) 17.54m PB Record 1, Tapenisa Havea (St Andrews) 15.58m 2, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (St Kents) 15.40m 3.
Discus throw: Tupu-South 48.46m 1, Rankin-Chitar 46.17m 2, Elizabeth Hewitt (ChiltonStJ) 44.86m PB 3.
Hammer throw: Centaine Noom-Duckworth (R’to) 56.76m 1, Hewitt 53.24m 2, Teagan Ashley (Aparima) 50.64m 3.
Javelin throw: Carlin Botes (Mt Mngnui) 41.51m 1, Tirado Brianna (Pinehurst) 40.56m 2, Sam Mackinder (Pal/Nth) 38.63m 3.
Long jump: Lara Hockly (Hawera) 5.76m PB 1, Gracie Pratten (Cashmere) 5.44m 2, Charlotte Drabble (Mt Maunganui) 5.31m 3.
Triple jump: Hockly 12.31m PB 1, Marguerite Johansson (Bethlehem) 11.76m 2, Pratten 11.12m 3.
High jump: Josie Taylor (St Pauls) 1.77m 1, Alice Taylor (St Pauls) 1.69m 2, Courtney Trow (Pal/Nth) 1.63m PB 3.
Pole vault: Hannah Adye (MAGS) 3.50m 1, Aria Rhodes (Pinehurst) 3.50m 2, Amayah Wingfield (WGHS) 3.10m 3.
4 x 100m relay: St Cuthbert’s College (Isabel Allen, Charlotte Goldsmith, Sonya Ha, Lilly Allen) 49.39s 1, Mt Aspiring College 49.85s 2, St Peter’s School 50.53s 3.
4 x 400m relay: St Cuthbert’s College (Peyton Leigh, Chloe Browne, Bella Browne, Isabel Allen) 4m 2.22s 1, Mt Aspiring College 4m 4.30s 2, Villa Maria College 4m 4.36s 3.
4km Road Race: Amelia Green (Dio) 15m 3s 1, Mackenzie Morgan (Wanganui Collgte) 15m 11s 2, Abby Carver (N/PlyGHS) 15m 16s 3.

Junior boys
100m: Ethen Lagatule (Orewa) 11.41s 1, Ben Lambert (Paraparaumu) 11.50s 2, William Robertson (James Hargest) 11.60s 3.
200m: Lagatule 23.26s 1, Asher Pettengell-Brand (ChchBHS) 23.42s 2, Liam McKellar (R’to) 23.44s 3.
400m: Sebastian Skelton (ScotsC) 52.35s 1, Jordan Veitch (ChchBHS) 52.68s 2, Millar McElrea) (Tokomairiro) 53.21s 3.
800m: James Ford (KingsC) 1m 58.32s 1, Alex Martin (WgtnC) 1m 59.74s 2, Callum O’Keefe (Lindisfarne) 2m 0.26s 3.
1500m: Jack Hunter (Wairarapa) 4m 4.60s 1, Ford 4m 7.24s PB 2, Etienne Calonne (WBHS) 4m 11.14s 3.
3000m: Cameron Maunder (WBHS) 8m 52.50s 1, Christian De Vaal (Macleans) 8m 53.09s 2, Pai Wynyard (Kaiapoi) 8m 59.56s 3.
100m hurdles: Tom Christie (Lynfield) 13.58s 1, Asher Pettengell-Brand (ChchBHS) 14.04s 2, Joseph Dunn (KingsC) 14.07s 3.
300m hurdles: Braxton Kauri (Pal/NthBHS) 40.14s 1, James Hansen (Marlb) 40.22s 2, Christie 41.15s 3.
2000m steeplechase: De Vaal 6m 19.00s 1, Lorcan Rabbitte (HavelockNth) 6m 29.46s 2, Wiremu Ngamotu (Avondale) 6m 32.21s 3.
Shot put: Liam Pavier (N/Ply) 16.17m PB 1, Andre Gundersen (Paraparaumu) 15.71m PB 2, Leon Richard (Manurewa) 15.20m PB 3.
Discus throw: Gundersen 53.36m 1, Pavier 52.59m 2, Harrison McGregor (Aquinas) 52.31m 3.
Hammer throw: Levi White (Manurewa) 54.14m 1, Alexander Hewitt (Hutt Intnl) 51.99m 2, Joseph Faapoi (Manurewa) 49.23m 3.
Javelin throw: Stiaan Botes (Mt Mngnui) 62.57m 1, Bradley Bidois (Cambridge) 51.67m PB 2, Gundersen 46.17m 3.
Long jump: Forbes Kennedy (Pal/Nth) 6.56m 1, Levi Murdoch (ChchBHS) 6.41m PB 2, Kaelan Paranihi (PukHS) 6.36m PB 3.
Triple jump: Paranihi 13.56m PB 1, Jarrod Yee (Kuranui) 12.78m PB 2, Murdoch 12.63m PB 3.
High jump: Levi Murdoch (ChchBHS) 1.86m PB 1, Kaelan Paranihi (Puk) 1.86m 2, Marco Coetzee (St Pats) 1.83m PB 3.
Pole vault: Tai Rhodes (WBHS) 3.55m Record 1, Mitchell Corkery (St Andrews 3.25m PB 2, Luke Moffitt (OtagoBHS) 2.85m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Palmerston North Boys High School (Zack Roberts, Braxton Kauri, Forbes Kennedy, Dylan Calder) 45.30s 1, Christchurch Boys High School 45.39s 2, Napier Boys High School 45.64s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Christchurch Boys High School (Asher Pettengell-Brand, Sacha Tahi, Ollie Singleton, Jordan Veitch) 3m 39.89s 1, Wellington College 3m 40.17s 2, Westlake Boys High School 3m 42.57s 3.
4km Road Race: Joshua Jordan (St Pats Silver) 13m 14s 1, Max Poland (St Pats Silver) 13m 22s 2, Daniel Prescott (St Thomas Cant) 13m 40s 3.
Year 9 3km Road Race: Angus Sevier (Cashmere) 10m 23s 1, James McLeay (Sthld) 10m 25s 2, Jack Erikson (KingsC) 10m 36s 3.

Junior girls
100m: Marielle Venida (Sancta Marie) 12.44s 1, Charlotte Goldsmith (St Cuths) 12.58s 2, Talia Van Rooyan (WGHS) 12.71s 3.
200m: Venida 25.51s 1, Micayla Whiti (Nayland) 25.77s PB 2, Aylee Gane (Waik Dio) 25.89s 3.
400m: Monique Gorrie (Pal/Nth) 56.69s PB 1, Kimberley Walsh (St Peters) 57.13s PB 2, Amelie Fairclough (WestSprings) 58.05s 3.
800m: Sammy Fookes (Wakatipu) 2m 15.23s PB 1, Abbey Bolton (Macleans) 2m 17.08s PB 2, Lucy Shennan (Dio) 2m 17.18s PB 3.
1500m: Lulu Johnson (Mt Maunganui) 4m 48.24s PB 1, Eliza Squire (Wgtn East) 4m 51.35s 2, Kalei Morgan Tafea (WGHS) 4m 56.06s 3.
3000m: Johnson 10m 13.02s 1, Kennedy Taylor (Sthld) 10m 13.56s PB 2, Renee Carey (Mt Maunganui) 10m 24.82s 3.
80m hurdles: Van Rooyan 12.21s 1, Olivia Herman (Villa Maria) 12.63s 2, Katelyn Quay-Chin (St Kents) 12.87s 3.
300m hurdles: Sophie Hancock (RototunaHS) 46.74s 1, Grace Wisnewski (St Peter’s) 48.32s 2, Olivia Herman (Villa Maria) 48.47s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Taylor 7m 11.36s PB 1, Catherine Lund (OtagoGHS) 7m 35.42s 2, Olivia Hala (Tauranga GHS) 7m 44.09s 3.
Shot put: Nadia Kumerich (R’to) 14.56m PB 1, Suzannah Kennelly (Dio) 13.89m PB 2, Renee Willis (St Hilda’s) 13.14m 3.
Discus throw: Kennelly 42.70m 1, Melelosaline Lose (HamGHS) 40.02m PB 2, Rina Maka (Lynfield) 40.01m 3.
Hammer throw: Kumerich 50.17m PB 1, Nirvana Hepi-Breen (Kaikorai) 44.86m 2, Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey (Darfield) 43.66m 3.
Javelin throw: Ruby Donnelly (Motueka) 33.60m 1, Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey (Darfield) 33.07m PB 2, Leala Willman (NapierGHS) 32.79m 3.
Long jump: Zayyaan Smith (MAGS) 5.61m 1, Goldsmith 5.52m 2, Esther Pratten (Cashmere) 5.51m 3.
Triple jump: Goldsmith 11.43m PB 1, Hancock 11.39m PB 2, Pratten 11.09m 3.
High jump: Jess Hendren (Rangiora) 1.77m PB Record 1, Olivia Power (St Cuths) 1.67m PB 2, Pippa Dixon (Te Awamtu) 1.64m 3.
Pole vault: Lillian Bing (Baradene) 3.51m PB Record 1, Maya Grundy (Kristin) 2.80m 2, Olivia Watt (Burnside) 2.80m 3.
4 x 100m relay: St Peters College (Addira Collette, Chayille Collette, Jayde Rolfe, Kimberley Walsh) 50.21s 1, Waikato Diocesan 50.88s 2, St Peter’s School 51.31s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Wellington Girls’ College (Gabrielle Healy, Molly O’Sullivan, Lara Smith, Katelyn Sceats) 4m 9.98s 1, Waikato Diocesan 4m 16.05s 2, St Cuthbert’s College 4m 16.59s 3.
4km Road Race: Kennedy Taylor (SthldGHS) 14m 33s 1, Bella Earl (WhangareiGHS) 14m 57s 2, Poppy Martin (John Paul) 15m 10s 3.
Year 9 3km Road Race: Eryn Westlake (R’to) 11m 24s 1, Ava Sutherland (Wgtn GC) 11m 32s 2, Poppy Rae-McGregor (Paraparaumu) 11m 33s 3.

Throws Meeting, Colin Pugh Sports Bowl – 6 December 2020
Max Abbot 5kg SP 13.23m, 1.5kg DT 49.17m PB, 5kg HT 47.30m. Kaleb Sola 5kg SP 12.65m PB, 1.5kg DT 44.01m PB, 5kg HT 47.16m. Alexander Hewitt 4kg HT 53.54m. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg SP 12.53m, 3kg HT 50.90m, DT 38.85m. Mikayla Sola 3kg SP 11.57m, 3kg HT 40.70m, DT 35.81m. Anya Dunlop-Brown 3kg HT 38.95m. Also Jack Hunter B15 800m 1:57.09 PB.

Wellington Scottish Twilight Track Meet #3, Newtown Park – 9 December 2020
Jake Paul 100m 11.10 +1.3, 300m 36.04. Saravee Sos 300m 36.52. Hirotaka Tanimoto 3000m 9:17.42.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 5 December 2020
Felix McDonald 100m 11.25 -0.8, 200m 22.60 0.0. Rosie Elliott 100m 11.99 -0.8, 200m 24.69 0.0. William Scharpf 800m 1:57.35 PB, Josh Hou 1:57.63. Rebekah Greene 800m 2:10.05. George Hamilton 3000m 9:17.31. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 13:59.91. Cameron Moffitt 300m H 38.71. Sarah Langsbury 300m H 47.05, LJ 5.14m +2.2, also 5.09m +0.3. George Bates 2000m steeplechase 6:42.67. Catherine Lund 2000m steeplechase 7:35.01. Zharna Beattie DT 42.36m. Michael Mitchell 800g JT 50.99m PB. Renee Willis 3kg SP 11.84m. Jamin Millar 5kg SP 13.49m PB.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 12 December 2020
Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:30.03, 400m 60.78. Nathan MacDonell 60m 7.18 +3.4, 100m 10.92 +3.5. Tara McNally 60m 8.25 +3.4. Madaline Spence 100m 12.91 +2.4, 400m 59.97. William Scharpf 400m 54.08. Sophie McCormick 400m 58.26. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 14:15.56. Will Campbell LJ 5.94m +3.0 also 5.49m +0.8. Todd Bates HT 52.53m.

International Results
Benita Willis Shield, QSAC, 5 December: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 800m 2:07.48 PB (2). Lilli Burdon 5000m 16:37.58 (5).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 7 December: Andre Mckay 17:37, Ronan Codyre 17:43, Joe Shiozawa 18:12. Abbey Bolton 22:04, Sophia Urlich 22:22, Caitlyn Pokorny 22:40.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 8 December: Josh Nishitani 16:56, Keith Burrows 17:09, Michael Seow 17:29. Skye Dick 19:31, Tia Knight 20:11, Kerry Ash 20:29.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 2 December: Gene Rand 17:10, Mike Wanden 19:15, Shaun Cooper 19:18. Helen Kilding 20:52. 9 December: Matt Downs 19:20, Mike Wanden 19:20, Tom Hanrahan 19:34.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 8 December: John Mering 17:37, Harry Coles 18:20, Andrew Beggs 18:51. Dawn Tuffery 21:32.

Bay Run 5km Series, 8 December: Alice Mason 17:37, Stewart Simpson 19:95, Matthew Kirkwood 20:29.

Tuesday Tune-Up 5km, Westshore Napier, 8 December: Mark Fisher 19:57, Erwin Blokker 21:33, Steve Charles 22:36.

Paritua Run the Vines 15km, 12 December: Mace Nesdale 1:02:42, Giles Pearson 1:10:20, Owain Jones 1:13:28. Abbie Brown 1:21:28, Fay Warnock 1:34:53, Natalie Hazelwood 1:35:28.

3 Bridges Marathon, 12 December: Matthew Moloney 2:36:57, Gene Rand 2:49:55, Marwane El Kamraoui 2:52:03. Julie Kilbride 3:44:19, Ellie Brown 3:44:52, Emma O’Rourke 3:49:20. Walk; David Jones 5:03:58. Vicki Adlam 5:12:57. Half; Geoff Ferry 1:14:08, Liam Jones 1:21:38, Denis Owen 1:23:00. Grace Hessell 1:31:40, Paula Jackson 1:34:19, Anna O’Connor 1:35:05.

Waterfront 5km Series, 8 December: Ben Twyman 16:21, Christian Davey 16:52, Walter Somerville 17:03. Amanda Broughton 20:17, Emily Solsberg 20:46, Emma Bassett 20:57. Walk; Jon Roskvist 31:41. Daphne Jones 37:49.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 7 December: Nike Beever 19:42, Anthony Mollo 19:53, Morgan Lumsden 20:16. Robyn Deane 21:23, Colette Read 21:28.

Eddyline Templemore 5km, 9 December: Brian Kemp 18:48, Curtis Moore 19:33, Nick Lovell 20:23. Colette Read 22:06.

Canterbury Half Marathon, Pegasus, 13 December: Mathew Wiseman 1:13:58, Keegan Chin 1:21:11, Simon Rhodes 1:23:51. Ange Wreford 1:35:25, Tessa Holland 1:42:17, Teresa Blackmore 1:44:47. 9km; Richard Boon 32:22, Vanessa Lord 39:10, Matthew Cunningham 40:17.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent