Axe about to cross Timor Sea to Darwin


Kiwi adventurer Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson and Brit Charlie Smith pushed off from Dili on the next stage of their expedition across the Timor Sea to Darwin

Here's an update from Saturday

And so it begins again... Yesterday afternoon at about 1pm, Axe and Charlie were farewelled by members of the Kiwi and UK expat communities in Dili, before they boarded Simpson's Donkey once again and pointed their nose towards Darwin Australia.

The stop in Dili was not planned, but it was critical. More food had been taken on board along with a few other things. But most of all, the guys are well rested now for their push into and across the Timor Sea which looms as perhaps the toughest part of their journey yet.

We'd like to thank all the supporters and new friends we've made in Dili this last week and a half- including Kym and her team from the Dili Central Backpackers for not only hosting us but also organizing our port clearances, visas, etc... Kym had also been involved with organizing the annual Darwin to Dili boat race every year so her knowledge of what's ahead of us is going to be invaluable in the weeks ahead as well!!!

So now we head on. The plan is to follow the island all the way to its eastern tip, then duck down into the Timor Sea... More to come...