Blerter partners with EventPlus to drive operational efficiencies


Blerter today announced it's partnering with EventPlus, an event registration and management platform that helps event professionals deliver outdoor events more effectively, from registration to execution.

This partnership will help improve operational efficiencies & lower risk, creating an integrated solution starting from event registration & entrant management right through to the event venue, plans and risk mitigation onsite - improving communication, and engaging entrants in the event community.

Blerter will enable event organizers to plan for the unexpected and take appropriate action to mitigate risks and ensure safety standards throughout the event. Additionally, the cloud-based technology which enables two-way communication across the entire event crew means quicker response times to incidents at the event.

Bringing Blerter and EventPlus together will help to reduce workload for event organizers, saving time and improving safety with powerful integrated features.


Easily see key participant information

Avoid manual handling of data and ensure the confidentiality and security of private information at all times.

Reduce double entry of data

Reduce mistakes and gain added flexibility to do last minute changes and registrations.

Keep everyone safe

Have all the information you need on hand so that you can react quickly when something goes wrong.


Accessibility of key information means improving visibility across the event - giving organisers added convenience, time and cost savings and quicker response to incidents at the event.

“We want to make life easier for both the entrant, event professionals and their crew so the event works for them. By automating the administration, events can invest more time moving forward and interact with people to grow the event rather than simply sustaining.” - says Jen Knowles, Founder, EventPlus.


The integration will be available later this year - keep an eye out! In the meantime, for more information on how this partnership can help your event, 


Blerter here

eventplus here