Brown Reports on his 24th Ironman NZ



Cameron Brown reports on the ins and outs (Disqualification) of his 24th Ironman NZ


Cam reports

Well my 24th New Zealand Ironman was not a race I was hoping for. After a solid swim and making my way into 5th position off the bike I was looking forward to my strongest leg the run and trying to regain some time on the leaders. I felt good coming off the bike and started running well. My run build up for this race was on par with the best I had ever done and I was super confident I could run well but within the first few kilometers I noticed my feet getting tighter and tighter. I ran through the first 10km at 2:40hr marathon pace but I was really starting to grimace from the pain in my feet getting worse by the every minute. At the 16km I came to a grinding holt and had to take my shoes off and try and manipulate my feet and try and massage the pain out, it worked for a few kilometers but soon after I was again in so much pain, my hips had now seized up from me running with a awkward stride and I was forced to stop again.


I saw my son Josh on the side of the road and grabbed the shoes he was wearing and immediately felt the pain ease back in my feet and joints. It was a very slow last 15km to the finish from there, all I wanted to do was try and get to the finish line and honour the race that has been so good to me over the years.

When I stopped to try on the other shoes a race official was there and this is deemed outside assistance which is a sadly a Disqualification:( so even though I crossed the line it wasn't counted.


At least I'm not injured and I know why it all happened and a silly mistake on my behalf with my elastic laces in my running shoes being far to tight causing my feet to be squashed and no room to move naturally! I'll go back to standard laces for my next race so my feet can do there normal work. Hopefully I'll be lining up at the Asia Pacific Championships in Cairns on June 6th. Not the news I wanted to share with you! Thanks again for your support.

Kind Regards Cameron Brown