Bula from Eco-Challenge Fiji



Bula from Eco-Challenge Fiji with the latest trailer for World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji released ... Featuring Kiwis, Aussies and the worlds best....


The 10-episode event will premiere globally on Amazon Prime Video on August 14th so be sure to tune in!

Fiji was like a reunion for some adventure racers.  The Eco Challenge adventure races started in 1995, shot to fame airing in homes across USA and Euro and was popular viewing until the racing ended in 2002 in Fiji.

Fiji 2002 was full of action, twists and turns on leaderboard rankings.  Held on the main island, Viti Levu, and traversed the highlands to the west coast and offshore islands. Team New Zealand (captain Nathan Faavae) and Team Nike (USA, captain Ian Adamson) passed Team Spain on Waya Island on the second last day. New Zealand  broke away in rugged terrain on the Island and extended their lead on the ocean to win by several hours. Nike came in 2nd and Team Australia was 3rd.

We cannot wait to see what happened in Fiji 2019.

Photo credit Prime Video