Changes afoot for Kathmandu Coast to Coast


The Kathmandu Coast to Coast will introduce a handful of changes to its 2021 event as well as opening a new category for the 40th event in 2022.


Some of the changes are down to pure demand for entries, and event organisers wanting to ensure all those who wish to compete in New Zealand’s most iconic multisport event have the chance to do so, whilst others have been implemented to make the event safer and more enjoyable.


“Just like the athletes who want to find that small wee margin to go faster or do something better, we too, as event organisers, continue to work tirelessly to ensure the Kathmandu Coast to Coast is the best possible event that it can be,” said Race Director Glen Currie.


“Covid19 ensured we took another look at the event and some of the changes have come about through that, whilst some of the others have been about finding a way to open the event up to even more people to be able to enjoy and experience what the Kathmandu Coast to Coast is all about.”


A new category.

The Kathmandu Coast to Coast is one of those must do events, both in New Zealand and around the world. Subsequently event organisers have been working with its major partners such as DOC, Kathmandu and ChristchurchNZ to open the event to more people to be able to enjoy it. This has been several years in the pipeline with safety, enjoyment and continuing to look after the environment at the forefront of everyone’s minds and event organisers are now confident the new category will achieve all those things. 


“This new category will be an exciting addition to the Kathmandu Coast to Coast whilst still maintaining its core values and traditions,” says Race Director Glen Currie.


More details to follow post the 2021 event and prior to the 2022 entries opening.

2022 Entries will open on March 8th

Whilst event organisers were delighted with the 2021 event selling out in a matter of days, opening entries for the following year less than 24 hours after the completion of the current event did pose some challenges including a massive workload cross over between the 2020 and 2021 events. As such entries for the 2022 event will not open until March the 8th.


This will also allow those that have just completed the 2021 event more time to contemplate returning the following year as many like to do so.


Mountain Run entries will continue to be offered and will run under the same prescription as 2021 with entries opening on September 1st and by way of a registered ballot.


Pre-race Registration will open earlier and longer.

Over the past few years, the event has more than doubled in size, meaning more people are required to check in prior to the event and with the consideration of Covid restrictions registration will open earlier to ensure competitors can spread out their arrivals into Greymouth and check in in a more comfortable setting. Competitors will be allocated a time to register to minimise large groups in the Westland Events Centre at any one time. While the pre-race briefing will occur at the West turf (beside the events centre) to create more space for this also.

Photo credit C2C