DOC Operating under COVID-19 Level 2



At Alert Level 2, all recreation-based concessionaires and permit holders are able to resume their operations providing their business activity is consistent with the Ministry of Health Public Health Measures. You must have a COVID-19 safety plan in place – templates are available on the WorkSafe website

Concessionaires and permit holders are expected to brief their customers about COVID-19 safety before undertaking their activity on conservation land and waters. Safety briefings should include social distancing and hygiene when using public facilities such as a DOC hut.

All DOC facilities will be re-opened at Alert Level 2, including tracks, toilets and accommodation (huts, campsites and lodges) and DOC Visitor Centres. Overnight trips into the backcountry are able to be made.

But it’s not business as usual. To maintain the government’s guidelines for gatherings, bookable accommodation is capped to 10 people and there should be no more than 10 people at any of the non-bookable huts.

At all huts appropriate physical distancing is required – people should bring a tent to be certain. Visitors will also need to take responsibility for their health and hygiene, such as bringing and using their own cleaning equipment.