Dougal Allan and Simone Maier win Kathmandu Coast to Coast



A late charge down Canterbury’s South Eyre road has propelled Wanaka’s Dougal Allan to his second Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest Day Men’s Title.

Credit Coast to Coast

The 35-year-old chased down Christchurch’s Sam Manson with 30 kilometres to go in the gruelling 243-kilometre multisport race to win in eleven hours, nine minutes and 52 seconds, nine minutes and six seconds ahead of Manson.

“It was a lot harder today to be honest (than his first win), and it feels easily as good to win today only because it took me 10 hours to take the lead and when you can’t see the athlete in front of you for 10 hours it’s too hard to believe that it’s possible. I think I’m probably more satisfied today from a mental standpoint.”

Manson got frustrated waiting for others in the bunch to do their share on the front, so took off at the forty kilometres mark with five other riders.

He took a 2 minutes forty lead into the Mountain Run, extending it to over six minutes at the start of the 70-kilometre kayak leg down the Waimakariri River.

Before the Wanaka professional multisporter chewed into Mansons’ lead, exiting the river just 2 minutes 40 behind.

“I knew Dougal would be chasing me. And the wind continued to pick up down the final bike ride, I just hoped that he would be further back and perhaps get a worse wind than me. Obviously, he still had a little bit more in the tank and did a really good job on that final ride.”

Allan knows exactly what it’s like to be runner up, having finished second himself in 2020.

“It was mixed feeling (when Allan passed Manson), I was excited to be taking the lead, but I love Sam Manson like a brother. We’ve raced together and against each other ­- he’s going to win this race one day.”

“I could just sense how much he wanted to win this today, he wanted it but came up a little short. Make no mistake, I’m thrilled, but I’m feeling a bit for Sammy.”

Swannanoa vegetable grower Ryan Kiesanowski braved a broken toe to claim the final podium place in eleven hours and 31 minutes 55 seconds.

“I saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and he said, ‘That’s going to need surgery’.”

The 37-year-old instead braved the pain to leap up over Goat Pass and paddle down the Waimakariri River.

“I started to feel the pain a bit at the back half of the mountain run, but the paddle was pretty challenging. I didn’t dare use my right rudder with about to 2k to go in the paddle.”

Simone Maier has had a race of her life to take out the women’s 1-day Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2021.. full report to come


Maier marks 41st Birthday by winning the 2021 Women’s Kathmandu Coast to Coast


It took the best of 200 of the 243-kilometre course for Wanaka’s Simone Maier to shake four-time champion Elina Ussher and add her name to the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest Day women’s trophy for the second time.  


The Wanaka multisporter and Nelson’s Ussher linked arm and arm in order to safely cross the Otira River at the start of the 30.5-kilometre Mountain Run and again mere seconds split the pair as they headed into the 70-kilometre paddle from Mt White Bridge to the Waimakariri Gorge Bridge.


“It was pretty unreal hanging out on the run together and then on the paddle together and then she got a bit of a head start at the final bike. I knew I would catch her on the bike, but also you never know what’s going to happen,” said Maier.


It was the perfect way for the new Champion to celebrate turning 41 yesterday and shrugging off any agonising memories from last years result when she was forced to withdraw due to the cold.


“It’s the best birthday present ever, I can’t believe it actually, it was a hard day!”


“Yes, I was pretty focused on this result. I started to coach myself again and did everything I did in 2019 when I won the title before.”


Maier paid tribute to Ussher who was feeling a little banged up, competing in her 16th Kathmandu Coast to Coast.


“That woman! I have got a lot of respect for her, she put on a stellar performance today,” Maier Said.


Tauranga’s Ali Wilson slipped into the Mountain Run 40 seconds ahead of Maier and Ussher, but was quickly passed on the unfamiliar terrain.


"Those girls can just move over that terrain and I was making silly mistakes. But at the end of the day I was just outclassed."


Wilson recovered from a ‘munted foot’ and a hole in her kayak to finish in third place in a time of 12 hours 54 minutes 03. Nearly twenty minutes behind Maier who stopped the clock in 12 hours 34:49 and Ussher in 12:49:25 




2021 Results – Top 5 Women


1st - Simone Maier - 12:34:49 - Wanaka/Germany 


2nd - Elina Ussher - 12:49:25 - Nelson/Finland


3rd - Alison Wilson - 12:54:03 - Tauranga/England 


4th Fiona Dowling - 13:05:38 - Christchurch/ Ireland 


5th Claire Bell - 13:22:46 - Te Anau 

Dougal Allan 11:09:52

1-     Sam Manson 11:19:46

2-     Ryan Kiesanowski 11:31:55

3-     Sam Goodall 11:36:25

4-     Scott McDonald 11:38:25

5-     Steve Melton 11:58:19

6-     Dane McKnight 12:02;00

7-     Oliver Thompson 12:04:19

8-     Caleb Hill 12:09:01

9-     Ashley Whitehead 12:15:41

10-  Daniel Barry 12:20:02