Eco Challenge is 1-week away!


The Eco Challenge Fiji held in September 2019, is about to screen.  One of the top contenders is Team New Zealand with Nathan Fa'avae, Sophie Hart, Chris Forne and Stu Lynch.

In the Adventure Racing World Series known as Team AVAYA, but Eco Challenge did not allow naming sponsorship for teams.

The launch date is August 14th (US), all 10-episodes will be released at once.

"Amazon Prime have been marketing the show extensively for the past few weeks and it's stirring up a lot of interest. I believe the show will inspire and motivate many people toward adventure sports."  Commented Fa'avae "I know it’ll be visually spectacular, the production team are some of the best and host Bear Grylls I believe adds a lot of value."

They have been releasing a series of teasers on Youtube.

We love to follow Team New Zealand adventure racers, watch them take on the Eco Challenge - the World Toughest Race

Team New Zealand who took on the #WorldsToughestRace! A 671km expedition over mountains, jungles, rivers, oceans, and swamp. 66 teams from 30 countries, 350+ athletes, 700+ crew members. Bear Grylls hosts this incredible show coming August 14, only on @Amazon Prime Video

"The general state of Adventure Racing on the global stage has come to halt due to Covid-19, the World Champs which we were meant to race in Paraguay in September has been cancelled. Our next race in GODZone in New Zealand in March." Comment Fa'avae.