Elite Red Bull Storm Chase field hoping for huge Force 10 waves in 2018.



After 2017 came and went without the mammoth Force 10 fuelled waves needed for Red Bull Storm Chase, the 2018 edition's three-month waiting period begins on January 5.

The world's toughest windsurfing contest relies on wind speeds of 89-102kph to create the perfect set of conditions for competitors in the Northern Hemisphere.

Eight of the best global windsurfers will be ready to answer the call through to March 17 with just 72 hours from the event confirmation until it gets underway.

Four windsurfers qualified from the last event including 2014 winner Thomas Traversa, while four more will be selected from a pool of 10 in the days before the event.

Professional Windsurfing Association Head Judge Duncan Coombs is among those chosen to break down each run based on jump height, trick difficulty, style and time-critical moves.

Confirmed 2018 competitors
Thomas Traversa, France
Dany Bruch, Spain
Leon Jamaer, Germany
Marcilio Browne, Brazil

Nominee 2018 competitors
Jaeger Stone, Australia
Ricardo Campello, Venezuela
Adam Lewis, United Kingdom
Antoine Martin, France
Robby Swift, United Kingdom
Philip Köster, Germany
Kai Lenny, USA
Camille Juban, France
Victor Fernández López, Spain
Jules Denel, France

Photo Simon Crowther / Red Bull

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