ETU European Long Distance Champs


In 2016 the official ETU European Long Distance Championships will be held within one of the biggest triathlon events in Eastern Europe - CHALLENGEPOZNAN

"It was in Poznań where over 30 years ago the first Polish triathlon competitions were held on Kierskie Lake and now we will be the first Polish city which organizes such an important international event. We are ready to welcome the best triathletes of the Old Continent. Our long experience in the organization of prestigious events such as EURO 2012, EuroBasket 2009, Canoe World Championships and World Rowing Championships make us fully prepared for another championship event, like no other Polish city," said Ewa Bąk, director of Sport Department of the City of Poznań. "I am convinced that July 24, 2016 will be a sport festival in Poznań, as well as in whole Poland," she adds.

After its reactivation, Poznan triathlon immediately reached the highest European level. This fact was noticed by the largest world triathlon organizations. "We have been following what is happening in Poznań since 2013. Each event was even bigger and even better organized than the last. There couldn’t be a better decision than to start working with the best triathlon competitions in Eastern Europe. This year’s Enea CHALLENGEPOZNAN will be one of the biggest European events and it is only a taster of the triathlon festival which will take place around the ETU Championships at CHALLENGEPOZNAN in 2016," Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of Challenge Family.

Over 3,900 competitors from over 30 countries (e.g. United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, USA or Spain) have already registered for this year’s Enea CHALLENGEPOZNAN. However, the scale of next year's European Long Distance Championships will be incomparably greater. 6,000 competitors are expected take part in the Poznań competitions, including the best European triathletes.

Wojciech Kruczyński, president of Endu Sport involved in the organization of the Poznan event since 2013, is enthusiastic. "In 2016 we will host the competitions which have never taken place in this part of Europe. On the one hand it is a great honor for us, on the other hand it’s a huge responsibility we have to cope with. Nevertheless, I am confident about the organisational level of the ETU European Championships. We have a vast experience in organising various triathlon events. Over 15,000 competitors will take part in this year’s Enea Tri Tour cycle with a support of over 50,000 fans. These figures show that we are prepared for the arrival of the best triathletes of the Old Continent," he said.

On July 24, 2016 competitors fighting for the European Championship title will cover the distance of 3.8 km in the Malta Lake, than 180 km of the very fast cycling route running through city streets and the national road No. 92 to Kostrzyn, perfect for the needs of the race. The final stage will be running distance of 42.195 km. Triathletes will race on picturesque streets of the Old Town with crossing the Old Market, as well as on bridges just below the Poznań Cathedral and the sidewalk around the Malta Lake before finishing on a magnificent finish line located on Plac Wolności.

The ETU European Championships at CHALLENGEPOZNAN may go down in history as one of the most exciting because of the very fast routes. "We have in Poznań perfect conditions for all the triathletes that love speed. Flat, broad courses will make the rivalry for a best European triathlete title will be very exciting to the last meters," says Wojciech Kruczyński.