Expedition Adventure Racing is back in Canberra


The Wildside Adventure Race Expedition Edition is back. Fully Rad Adventures is presenting its premier adventure event taking it to a brand new home – Canberra, ACT. This part of Australia is stunning, featuring river gorges, alpine mountains, hidden lakes, winding trails and plenty of forest. There's loads of space for an epic adventure and it has organisers excited.  5 days – teams of 4 & 2 – 400+km

“We really love the outdoors, adventure racing and are passionate about getting people outside” Race Director, Richard Old, “For WildsideAR we have taken all that we love about the sport and created a course that offers real adventure as well as promotes Canberra and the ACT. What better place to hold the biggest adventure race in Australia this year than in capital country”

But what is expedition adventure racing? Adventure Racing is multiple disciplines combined with navigation in remote locations. Races often include trekking, paddling, mountain biking, swimming, rope work; however they can have any number of other sports as team’s journey across a course navigating from control point to control point.

Expedition races are the pinnacle of the sport. They are multi day and discipline adventures taking teams across long distances and varied landscapes. This is the ultimate in endurance racing. Teams race day and night navigating across landscapes collecting checkpoints while managing their own supplies and implementing sleep and nutrition strategies. They must be prepared for anything and be able to operate in harsh remote environments. Many sports claim to be tough but this really is the toughest racing there is.

“This race will have everything - challenging trek legs, demanding mountain biking and scenic paddle legs. The course is rich in history and we are designing a race that will give teams a real adventure experience as well as get to know the area.”

As well as having brilliant terrain for adventure, Canberra, is perfectly located being about 2hrs drive from Sydney, and has a fly time of 2hrs from Brisbane, 1hr from Melbourne and 4hrs from Wellington NZ. Race week starts Sat 30 Sept with actual race start Monday 2 Oct. Teams will then have until 6pm Friday to reach the finish line.

WildsideAR this year is the Australian leg of the Outdoor Race World Tour and Race 4 of the Australian Adventure Racing Series. This will up the ante with teams as they vie for points in the National and International series.