Finish Line In Sight For Team Tiki Tour




The lights are on, the flags are up, the finish line archway is inflated as the GZ race crew prepare to see the first team across the GODZone finish at Frankton Beach near Queenstown around midday.

Team Tiki Tour arrived at Kingston earlier this morning just before 6am and are now in their kayaks and on the last 47km paddle up the Kingston arm of Lake Wakatipu towards Frankton finishline.

Race Director Warren Bates estimates it will take around 6 – 9 hours to paddle to the finish depending on lake conditions.

” Tiki Tours lights can be seen from a distance. They look like they are not moving much but they will get going with a light southerly breeze starting to build.”


Tom and George Lucas, Mike Kelly and Floortje Grimmett took the lead of the 410km race several times on day one of the event. By day two the experienced adventure racing squad was out in front.


“This team have performed incredibly well over three and a half days racing and its been astonishing to watch to watch their progress,"says Bates.

“What an amazing morning its going to be down at Frankton beach near Queenstown with this lead team expected between 11am – 12midday. We hope to see loads of locals out to cheer and congratulate them on their amazing effort. Its looking like Tiki Tour have it in the bag but anything can happen out there.”


Current Rankings

1.     Team Tiki Tour

2.     Team Yealands Family Wines

3.     Team Swordfox

4.     Team Torpedo 7

5.   The Sneaky Weasel Gang