GFWT 2017

Gran  Fondo  World  Tour  ®  and  Grand  Fondo  National  Championship Series®  renew the agreement to host the USA event of the world tour.
Courses lead riders through country roads with challenging climbs and incredible scenery.  26 th March Gran Fondo Florida starts Gran Fondo World Tour ® 2017Courses  are  offered  in  different  lengths  from  30  to  100  miles  so  participants  can find the distance to match their goals.  
Each rider is given an electronic timing-chip to  keep  track  of  their  progress  throughout  the  course  and  to allow  riders  to compete for best time through highlighted sections of the course.  Who says Florida is flat! Centered in the rolling orange groves of Pasco County, the Gran Fondo Florida course   starts  and ends at Local Public House &  Provisions on Pennsylvania  Avenue  in  San  Antonio,  FL.
The  race  follows,  in part,  the  proposed Olympic  road  race  course  that  was  part  of  Tampa’s  bid  to  host  the  Summer Olympic  Games. .  It  travels  along  rural  rolling  hills,  past horse  farms  and  crystal clear  springs.
Briefly  going  through  Withlacoochee  State  Forest  and  the  hills surrounding Brooksville, Florida. GFWT general Information:  Gran  Fondo  World  Tour  ®  come  back  stronger  on  second  season;  the  challenge will  start  in  four  weeks  with  Gran  Fondo  Florida  the  opening event  of  US  Gran Fondo  National  Championship  Series  next  26th  March.  
Means  one  month  advance to  the  season  start  and  will  finish  on  November  with  Gran  Fondo Kuwait.  That means  a  nine  moths  season  trough  Kazakhstan,  Italy,  Norway,  Spain  keeping  six events  on  the  series  and  waiting  confirmation to  land  soon  in  South-America  and Australia, to expand to new continents.
On  2016  edition,  10.500  participants  participate  almost  in  one  of  the  events  and expecting until twelve Thousand participants for 2017 edition.  Norwegian cyclists Knut  Sande  and  Elizabeth  Solberg  take  the  top  position  of  2016  rank  then  we expect new fight to reach the top DzGran Fonderdz of the world.  Changing the rules.  
GFWT differ of other worldwide circuits because do not have a final event where is necessary to reach position on previous events, all events give points to all participants whatever the final ranking; and introduce a new concept giving in some distances same points to all participants from first to last, and award the regularity to include events without timing system.  
Dz Gran Fondo event are for non professional cyclists, then we are open to eventwithout timing system, and some of the events of the series timed mark the final difference in points; but all the 10.500 participants on the events of 2016 reach pointsdz  Dani Buyo (Gran Fondo World Tour CEO)