GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race coming in April


The thirteenth SPOT NZ GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race is being held in Hawkes Bay on the weekend of the thirteenth of April 2018. Again, the event will be the official New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championships and the best teams of young adventure racers from around New Zealand will converge on the Camp David Adventure Centre to give it their all.  Along with the hot shots and the young guns, there will be a variety of teams that are mainly just out there for the adventure and what an adventure it will be, with the first teams predicted to finish the course in just over 9 Hours and the last in just over twelve.  Challenges during the day will include paddling, trekking, navigation, problem-solving, mountain biking and more with the course set up based on points, giving teams lots of options.

The event is open to youth Year 10 and above (or equivalent aged youth) and there is male, female and mixed categories and a NZSS Champs competition and an open youth section.  The basic concept behind the event has not changed since the establishment of the event in 2006 by a group of friends who loved adventure Racing.  The SPOT NZ GO-4-12 is designed to be safe, fun and educational and for many participants the lessons learnt training for and competing in an event such as this a massive achievement and this leads to other goals.  Some of the past competitors are now elite athletes, but most have just taken what they learned and applied it to their lives. There has been an obvious correlation between the event and leadership and many competitors have become top students and leaders.

Since 2006 when the Spot NZ GO-4-12 was first run, Adventure Racing has had a resurgence and ‘Youth Adventure Racing' has become a thing with other events like the GET2GO also challenging youth through adventure and challenge.  The regrowth of adventure racing as a whole in New Zealand is remarkable when you consider that in 2006 many in the sport feared its death was imminent, but New Zealand now has seen a real rebooting of the sport. Underneath the pure Adventure Race events have been a growth of the mud, guts and glory events and sports like The Spartan, Tough Guy, Mad Mudder, Cross Fit, Judgment Day and many other similar events.  There are also tough kid style events appearing around the country and family events. At the other end of the kid's events, the GODZone event brought back expedition racing to New Zealand and goes from strength to strength.

Why are Challenge and Adventure Racing events so attractive to New Zealanders? Well, the answer is in the name, because as Kiwis we love challenge and adventure and it is in our DNA.  Events like this draw Kiwis in by offering competition, comradery and adventure and it says something about the sport when people like Richie McCaw line up to events like the GODZone.  If you have not heard of the GODZone event it is now the world's largest and most technically challenging Adventure Race. This will be McCaw's second GODZone and he said in an interview "It will be a good way to kick off the new year and to be honest the temptation and massive challenge that Fiordland will throw at us was pretty hard to ignore," McCaw said. " GODZone is the ultimate adventure and it really does test your limits in every respect, so it was pretty hard to not accept the challenge to race again with Rob, Sarah and Bob." McCaw's team (consisting of Rugby Players Association CEO Rob Nichol, Wanaka adventure racer Sarah Fairmaid and Wanaka multisporter, champion kayaker, Bob McLachlan) will be a competitive one. The Team now called PWC formally named Cure Kids finished 6th in 2016 surprising many, but they had what it took to be in the top ten as they had in the team, fitness, friendship, teamwork and experience and of course a competitive spirit.

 The SPOT NZ GO-4-12 event like all programmes and events run by 3 PEAKS "Education, Events and other Epic stuff" is designed to be safe, fun and educational and the course is designed to allow most teams to finish. There are all sorts of youth involved, from kids that are New Zealand representatives in sport to like last year a team made up of kids who were overcoming some major health issues. One of the ways that the event can accommodate such diversity in participant skills and experience is through the course design. Raced as a points race, teams of four face both physical and mental challenges during the day and more experienced competitors will collect more points. Safety is the first concern of the race organisers and each team carries a SPOT GPS tracker and are tracked during the day via TrackME.kiwi.  The safety of the event includes letting schools know a huge amount of detail about the race without sacrificing the adventure.

The 2018 SPOT NZ GO-4-12 is being held in Hawke's Bay and the event Headquarters will be at the Camp David Adventure Centre, which was also the location of the inaugural event. Participants will trek, navigate, tube and mountain bike their way around a stunning course.  Also like previous years, teams will also face special tasks that have included waka paddling, sheep drafting, golf, high ropes, abseiling, thistle grubbing, plate painting, egg carrying, caving, cooker building, raft making, first aid challenges, stone stacking, stretcher carrying, teamwork challenges, puzzles and more. 

The GO-4-12 is held in Hawke's Bay from the 13th April – 15th April 2018

For more information head to go412.co.nz