Godzone Day 3- Leading teams not on Tiki Tour




Queenstown’s Team Tiki Tour, Tom and George Lucas, Mike Kelly and Floortje Grimmett are not wasting any time at the front of the GODZone field as Day three of the event kicks into gear.


The team arrived at the Glenorchy transition area at the head of Lake Wakatipu this morning at 6.15am, in first position after a long and steady night climbing up to Mt Isobel and over Mt Chichton


“ They are racing very steadily and slightly ahead of our estimated times by about 45minutes,” says Race Director Warren Bates.


“ All in all Tiki Tour is bang on track and the surprising element is that they stopped and caught 3 hours sleep at the 25 mile creek transition area on the side of Lake Wakatipu in the early hours of the morning. Given they already got around 4 – 5 hours on the first night, the team is very well rested going into the second half of the course which is a huge advantage.”


Team Yealands Family Wines, Chris Forne, Dan Moore, Dan Busch, Simone Maier are only 20 minutes behind and soon to arrive off the Stage 7 kayak.


“ Chris and the guys are pushing hard, they want that first placing badly and so it's a watch this space situation for the next 24 hours as these two teams battle it out. Should be a good fight for first,” says Bates.


In third position is Team Swordfox, Brent Edwards, Ash Whitehead, Stu Lynch, Georgia Whitla.


“ Its great to see Swordfox just keeping their heads up and moving consistently. I am not sure if they have managed any extra sleep but hope they can hold the fire in the belly to keep chasing these two leads.”


The front GODZone teams will today get into Stage 8 mountain bike which is a long 110km ride from Glenorchy to Halfway Bay via the Greenstone.

Current Rankings

1.     Team Tiki Tour

2.     Team Yealands Family Wines

3.     Team Swordfox

4.     Team Torpedo 7

5.     The Sneaky Weasel Gang & Mrs Forne’s Boys

 Photos: Teams trekking on the GODZone course   Photo Credit: Alex Socci