Gold Coast Runaway Bay Marathon & Supermarathon



Sunday 11 June 2017 Marathon How to drop 30 kgs and Run 300 marathons in 7 years.
Marathon Man, Trent Morrow said "Following on from going where no person has gone before in achieving the World Record for the most marathons across 7 continents in 1 year, it is an immense privilege to share the adventures and the learnings that helped achieve these results”

The Gold Coast Runaway Bay marathon is an inaugural event. The run course is flat and traffic free and should be very fast. It is a loop course of 6.25 kms per loop and offers three aid stations per loop, making it eminently suitable for crew to look after their runners with fluid and energy replacement.

On race eve the organisers will be hosting a Marathon Clinic, followed by the Supermarathon Clinic.

Should Trent complete the marathon at the GC Runaway Bay Marathon, he will become the new record holder of the most marathons by an Australian, with 312. The theme of his talk will be “The World Record Mindset and How to achieve your goals and turn audacious dreams into reality!” Marathon Man, Trent Morrow 

Morrow also said “The adventures from around the globe will connect, motivate and challenge each person to be their very best to achieve in all areas of life to inspire and encourage each person to be the best version of themselves."

The keynote speakers at the Marathon Clinic will be Trent Morrow, aka as “Marathon Man” and Kelvin Marshall.

Marathon and Ultra record holder, Kelvin Marshall
100 kms Supermarathon

The second keynote speaker will be Kelvin Marshall of the Gold Coast. Kelvin has managed to rack up 173 marathons and 352 ultras for a total of 525, which is the Australian record for the most number of marathons and ultra marathons combined.

Kelvin has won many marathons and ultras and is well known all over Australia and in many other parts of the world for his running. A walking encyclodaedia of anything to do with running, Marshall said “Running becomes a way of life. It is a way of promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle and the running community is unbelievably friendly and caring”.

“I love the idea of this marathon. It’s the perfect hit out for the Gold Coast Airport marathon 3 weeks later.”

From recreational runner to world 100 kms champion in 9 years.
Newly crowned world champion Kirstin Bull of Melbourne, explains how she progressed from a recreational runner then 1:53 half marathoner to a 100 kms world champion (Spain, 2016) in just 6 years. Bull will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Supermarathon Clinic to be held on the Gold Coast on 11 June in conjunction with the Gold Coast 100 kms Supermarathon.

Other speakers will include Australian male record holder Tim Sloan, 5 time national champion Marita Eisler and 5 times sub 7 hour runner Don Wallace.

The 100 kms super-marathon doubles as the National 100kms championships hosted on behalf of Athletics Australia and Australian Ultra Runners. The Gold Coast 100 is the premier 100 kms for selecting the team to represent Australia at the World Championships. The next World Championships will be held in September 2018 at Zagreb in Croatia.

World champions, Kirstin Bull

There are other event options of 50 miles (80 kms), 50 kms, 25 kms and 10 kms. Those in the 100 kms will be given 50 mile, 50 kms and marathon splits. The event caters for recreational as we as elite runners.

Race Organiser Ian Cornelius said “This is a very exciting time for 100 kms running in Australia. The distance is hugely popular in Europe and America where it is not uncommon to have fields of more than 1,000.”

“Our new run course of 6.25 kms loops is a great advantage. Some may view it as boring but the configuration lends itself to much faster times with food and drinks being more readily available.” “The key to longer distance running is to properly manage fluid and energy replacement.” Cornelius went on to say “the World Record of 6 hours 10 minutes was actually set on a 400 metres athletics track.”

The field is limited to 500 runners. Event prices range from $55 to $200, less a discount of 50% for kids of 16 and under.

Tickets to the clinics are available for purchase.
Race singlets and commemorative medallions are included in the entry price.
Airfares to the Gold Coast, Australia’s premier tourist destination, have never been so cheap.