GoPro Announces Karma Recall and Refund Program



Just weeks after GoPro released their action filming drone to compete with DJI, they are faced with a recall.


GoPro Inc have announced a recall of approximately 2500 units that were sold, which is a major setback for the company


“Karma drones purchased by consumers since October 23. The recall was announced after GoPro discovered that in a very small number of cases, Karma units lost power during operation. No related injuries or property damage have been reported.” The company said


“Owners of Karma can return their units to GoPro, or their place of purchase, for a full refund. Replacement units are not being offered. GoPro plans to resume shipment of Karma as soon as the issue is resolved.”


"Safety is our top priority," said GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. "A very small number of Karma owners have reported incidents of power failure during operation. We have moved quickly to recall all units of Karma and provide a full refund while we investigate the issue. We are working in close coordination with both the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Aviation Administration. We are very sorry to have inconvenienced our customers and we are taking every step to make the return and refund process as easy as possible."


To participate in the recall, visit GoPro's webpage at:


Video of crash