Gran Fondo World Tour, second event in Kazakhstan


Gran Fondo World Tour, second event in Kazakhstan. The circuit comprises six cyclo-sportive events all over the world where the participants can collect points that will place them on an comprehensive ranking.

Gran Fondo Kazakhstan Tour of Zhetysu 20-21 May 2017 As second event of the world series the Kazakh destination will ride the central asia stepe searching the second winner of the world wide gran fondo tour.

An event with ex pro cyclists participants as Maxim Iglinskiy and Vadim Kravchenko. The track divided in two stages, one of 120 km first day, marked by the strong winds; and second day with a 40 km “criterium” in Taldikurgan city, Capital of Almaty Region. Gran Fondo World Tour is born as the first universal circuit of mass-participation cycling events. It will allow amateur riders from every corner of the globe to enjoy pedaling on an eclectic set of roads and landscapes.

Dani Buyo, CEO of Gran Fondo World Tour, explains: “This project is meant to be a challenge for amateur riders from all over the world. We think it makes sense to offer them a competitive experience similar to the professional UCI World Tour. Up to this point, both organizers and sponsors have warmly welcomed our project.

There are several events aiming to be included in our calendar in the coming years. For the time being, we prefer to be judicious and to start with this restricted list of events.”A quality seal The 2017 edition of Gran Fondo World Tour started in Florida USA and is set to end in November in Kuwait a country where cycling is a mainstream sport.

Dani Buyo comments on the criteria used to select the events of the series, based on the quality of its organization and on spreading them geographically in order to enable cyclists from all over the world to partake on this challenge: “We want our events to be unanimously regarded as high-quality ones.

Gran Fondo World Tour’s brand should attach recognition to the event’s brand, and vice versa.”How does it work? Riders will be listed on the Gran Fondo World Tour ranking by taking part in one of its events, but should finish three of them in order to contend for the prizes up for grabs amongst the top placed riders of said ranking.

A points allocation system has been set to award 1000 points to the fastest rider on the competitive sector of each Gran Fondo. The rest of the participants will be allocated points according to an algorithm that depends on the timeregistered by the fastest one, so all riders will get points in every event.

The Styrkeproven Oslo will award a maximum of 1500 points because it is an ultra distance event with a 500 km course. After each event, a current leader will be announced for both the Gran Fondo World Tour Men and Women ranking.

They will be granted the privilege of wearing a distinctive leader jersey in the following event. The management of the series will cover the expenses of both leaders for the next Gran Fondo of the circuit, in order to enable them to defend their first position on the ranking.

The rider in the first place of Men and Women individual rankings at the end of the season will be rewarded with a premium road bike. Another awards will be given to second- and third-placed riders.