Gravity enduro racing is heading to Mackay: Fox Superflow



Rocky Trail's Fox Superflow events have become Australia's most popular and fastest growing gravity enduro races.


With a loyal following in NSW and the ACT for almost a decade, recently they have also taken the Queensland gravity racing community by storm with events at Nerang, Ipswich and Townsville. Supported by the Mackay Regional Council and endorsed by the local Mackay District Mountain Bike Club, Rocky Trail will host a Superflow trial day at Rowallan Park on Saturday 10 October and race day will be on Sunday 11 October. 

Says Race Director Bob Morris, "The Fox Superflow has been gaining popularity, because it is such a social race." Rocky Trail had invested heavily over the years in making this the most flexible race format, he explained. "First-time and casual racers will get as much of a challenge and fun out of it as an elite racer. In fact, we've had National Champs compete alongside groups of mates and even U13's racers, who are out there with their mum and dad."

Super-social race format: Superflow


The Rocky Trail crew say that they will unpick and restitch' the technical XC trails to challenge you with three super-flowy race stages - that's right, you ride to the starts un-timed and then you complete all three race tracks. "What our racers love is that they get 5 attempts on each track until they nail it - the fastest time on each counts. Plus, there's chip timing that's LIVE online - they cross the line and can check their times, go back up and do it again to shave off those valuable seconds!", explains Morris and that the Fox Superflow will offer an awesome day out for many categories – from elite to amateur racers to families with juniors, couples and groups of friends riding together.

Growing popularity of mountain biking drives nature-based tourism opportunities

Management of Rocky Trail says that the team hopes that the race will draw solid local participation and also a great out-of-region visiting crowd. "We as event organisers aim to provide additional proof and data from our event to Council to continue investing in this sport and building trails for it in the region", says one of the owners, Juliane Wisata.

She added that local XC riders will be able to re-discover their home trails and re-kindle their love for mountain bike racing on their home track. Local and visiting gravity pinners were going to be able to get a 'good dose of shredding the gnar'.

With support from Mackay Regional Council, the Fox Superflow had been picked specifically for the Rowallan Park trails. 

"We have a wide range of mountain biking races that we have organised across NSW and the ACT since 2008 and in Queensland since last year. Our Superflows are so special, because so many different riders can spend all day together out on course and truly 'race the way they ride' - it resonates strongly, so far1800 racers have clocked in race times this year with us in the Fox Superflow", Wisata added.

Council proud to be hosting the Fox Superflow for the first time: Mayor Greg Williamson. 

"We recognise that mountain biking as a recreational sport is becoming more and more
popular. As a council we are committed to tourism development in the region and mountain biking is one of our key priority sports tourism areas", the Mayor said.

"We strongly believe that our region has the potential to become a signature mountain biking
destination. We have committed funds in the 2020-2021 budget to progress our signature
Mountain Biking Strategy", Mayor Williamson explained.

"Our team at Rocky Trail has been advocating for mountain bike trails and supporting nature-based tourism for years and we know there is great potential for growth of this sport and the development of tourism products to complement it specifically in the region", Rocky Trail's Juliane Wisata concluded.  

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