Iron Warrior Samoa


Talofa from Samoa

It's great being back in Samoa in some real heat and humidity. It's meant to be the dry season here but the island has been hit by some bad weather with lots of rain and strong winds. I've had a slow build up to this event, After my five week break from the sport to refresh myself mentally and physically I was under way until my 4th run back when I tore my calf. This meant having another 3 weeks off running! The fitness is now slowly coming back and I'm losing some of the 7kg I put on during my time off!.


I was invited to Samoa to compete in the Iron Warrior series featuring a Half Ironman, 10km and 5km swim events and the Savaii Open water swim series on the stunning island of Savaii featuring 4km swim events. First up on Saturday was the Iron Warrior Half Ironman. I had a good swim and was riding well at the 15km mark when my rear derailleur decided to snap and went into my back wheel braking three spokes and finishing my bike ride there and then. I spent 45mins on the side of the road while one of the local volunteers drove back to Transition and picked me up an old alloy bike(7 gears and all:) At least now I could finish the event so off I took. After 75km on the old bike my back was killing me from the shorter set up and alloy frame which was so tough on my body! nothing like carbon fiber to soften the rough Samoan roads!

I finished the bike a long way down but just wanted to still have a steady run and finish and managed to finish 2nd albeit a long way down. Today we had the 10km and 15km swim races, I've never raced in such a long swimming event and conditions today made this one of the hardest things I have done! After a few kilometers in I started feeling really sick, I think I had eaten something dodgy at breakfast and I was now throwing it all up into the sea! I now was forced to swim like a snail and also tried backstroking/slow free style and breathstroking around the remainder of the course(another 6km!) It was the slowest swim I have ever done as I could not muster any energy and felt totally exhausted and weak from spewing my cuts out. I was very close to raising my hand for the life guards to pick me up but made my way to the finish. It didn't help that a storm swept through and made conditions even harder with a 3 foot chop! Tomorrow's event features a 5km swim race but this has been shifted back to Apia as the weather conditions are set to be bad again.



I've also taken on a new coach, my good friend Gordon Walker who is a former Coast to coast World champion and old training partnere. He also coaches 2x Olympic Gold medalist Lisa Carrington in the K1 kayak so I'm excited to be under his guidance in my build up to Ironman Western Australia on December 1st and the 2020 New Zealand Ironman. After this week I will be heading back to New Zealand in preparation for some lead up races before Ironman WA, featuring the Quzhou Half Ironman in China on September 21st and Ironman 70.3 Arizona on October 20th. I'll be in touch soon with how my training is progressing.

Kind Regards Cameron Brown