Joseph Millar signs out from the World Championships




Kiwi Joseph Millar found it tough going in the heats of the 200m. Drawn in lane two in the sixth of seven heats where the first three and next three fastest advanced to the semi-finals Millar started well but could not hold on down the straight finishing sixth in 20.97. His heat was won by Isiah Young of USA in 21.19.


The New Zealand champion who clocked 20.37 in winning the title in March said that he felt very tired.


“I’m not too sure whether it is a result of racing the 100m. The last couple of days I’ve struggled with a bit of sleep. I felt really good today warming up, a little bit tired but put that down as a bit of nerves.


“I’m not quite sure what really happened out there today, just didn’t feel like I was myself,” said Millar.


He added that he would have preferred a better lane draw.


“The inside lane is obviously not the best there are better lanes through the middle, but I’m usually quite a good bend runner so it doesn’t usually bother me.


“I moved well on the bend and as I came on to the straight I felt very light headed so I’m not quite sure what happened then, just hoping it was a bad day.”


Coming from the Southern Hemisphere was something that takes some adjustment.


“It’s a dream come true to come and race here, obviously it’s a difficult turn around to come from a New Zealand summer, I’ve been thinking about it a lot and how it affects me and there is no real template because all the Northern Hemisphere athletes basically have it aligning with what they are doing already,” said Millar.


“I’m still finding my feet and figuring out how to train to come to one of these and perform, I guess I’ve figured out one way not to, but I’m still learning and the Commonwealth Games they are going to have to come into our turf so we’ll see how they handle it.”


“I’ve still got more to come with world uni’s in the next couple of weeks. I’m a little bit disappointed in myself but it’s just part of the experience,” he added.