Kathmandu Coast to Coast wins Outstanding Sports Event Award at 2019 Canterbury Sports Awards



The countless hours by the over 300 volunteers are a key contributor to the Kathmandu Coast to Coast winning the Outstanding Sports Event award at the 2019 Canterbury Sports Awards according to Race Director, Glen Currie.

‘To put an event on of this scale takes a lot of moving parts all working in unison, and we couldn’t do it without the efforts of our volunteers and the support of our many partners.’

Race Director Glen Currie and Christchurch City Councillor Glenn Livingston. 

‘Those volunteers and supporters aren’t stationed in one location either,’ Currie added, ‘we have people helping from the start line on the West Coast, with Mountain Safety on Goat Pass, along seventy odd kilometres of the Waimakariri River, at the finish line at New Brighton on the East Coast and everywhere in-between. And not just for a few hours either, our volunteers and support organisations are often up early or working late, they’re the lifeblood of Kathmandu Coast to Coast. So, I’d like to think this award is for them,’ Currie continued.    

With plans already underway for the events 38th Crossing of the South Island in February 2020, Currie gave a special mention to outgoing Operations Manager Bill Roxburgh and former Race Director Richard Ussher who have been a driving force in tweaking the event over the past few years. ‘Their experience was invaluable and they both helped modernise a lot of operational parts to the race, many of which competitors and spectators might not see, but get the benefits of, so a big thank you must go out to those two.’

Currie also paid homage to the competitors who religiously sign up to test themselves against one of the toughest, but finish-able multisport races in the country, ‘this race isn’t easy, but it’s extremely rewarding, and I think that’s perhaps why so many people are drawn to it. If you’re not a competitor, then there are lots of ways you can still get a buzz out of the event, whether it’s as part of a support crew or volunteer or lining the course at some point across the 243 kilometres to cheer on the competitors, many who aren’t elite athletes, it’s a really fun event to be involved with.’

The 37th Crossing in 2019 saw the highest number of competitors compete across the 243-kilometre course ever.