Meridian Twizel Hard Labour Weekend



The Twizel Hard Labour weekend over two days saw top multisporters compete across kayak, mountain bike and trail running, with the Hard Labourer multisport race combining all three.
The event started back in 1985 when a half marathon was started as a fundraiser for kids sport. It has morphed through a number of different events at different sites to what there is today. Competitors can enter individual events or for the really keen, complete all three events and become a Hard Labourer.
The weekend still has its focus on fundraising for local kids sports teams (snow sports, rugby, netball and rowing) as well as community groups such as St John, Kindy and the Twizel Early Learning Centre.

There are some very big smiles on the extremely tired faces of our committee.
We are just blown away by the support we have had over the weekend events from sponsored and participants alike.


A record number of kayaks for the Steve Skinner Canal Kayak set the tone for the event and it just kept giving.


What a sight watching 100 boats take off in a mass start in perfect conditions on Lake Ruataniwha. This, made for a record time by the winning male paddler.


We had over 850 entries over all the events with 61 of these being in the Hard Labour category. Local Twizel multi-sport legend Stu Patterson commented that the first time he raced it there were just 4.


It was so good to see some of the top NZ athletes taking part with Simone Maier very prominent, "I just love this event" she told me as she left.


Dougal Allan brought his family along and competed not too seriously, but just enjoyed the family, friendly atmosphere that making the event so popular. Other well-known faces spotted taking part include Annabelle Anderson, Claire Bell, Hamish Elliot, Ryan Kiesanowski and Nathan Cohen. However, mostly this is all about taking part and challenging your mates.

There was plenty of banter and, everyone enjoyed a weekend of fabulous weather in the high country. Of course, there was also the chance to win some of the $17,000 worth of the sponsored spot prizes that were given out!.

Female Hard Labourer: ( combine times for all 3 events
1 Veteran 40-49 SIMONE MAIER (#53) 05:00:15
2 Open 18-39 CLAIRE BELL (#19) 05:42:35
3 Veteran 40-49 CLAIRE LE GRICE (#16) 05:58:22
Male Hard Labourer:
1 Open 18-39 RYAN KIESANOWSKI (#32) 04:29:52
2 Open 18-39 HAMISH ELLIOTT (#37) 04:33:27
3 Open 18-39 STEVEN MELTON (#9) 04:47:12

21 km Pyramid Run
1 Open 18-39 HAMISH ELLIOTT (#37) 01:14:58
2 Open 18-39 RYAN KIESANOWSKI (#32) 01:16:00
3 Open 18-39 TOM HUNT (#801) 01:16:47
Veteran 40-49 SIMONE MAIER (#53) 01:28:03
2 Youth 12-17 MAYA EDMONDSON (#746) 01:40:27
3 Open 18-39 CLAIRE BELL (#19) 01:41:02Female

Dusky trail 40 km MTB
1 Veteran 40-49 SIMONE MAIER (#53) 01:44:35
2 Open 18-39 ANNABEL ANDERSON (#494) 01:50:48
3 Veteran 40-49 SHELLEY HERSEY (#384) 02:01:51
1 Open 18-39 TAYLER REED (#465) 01:36:59
2 Open 18-39 RYAN KIESANOWSKI (#32) 01:37:01
3 Open 18-39 STEVEN MELTON (#9) 01:37:10


Steve Skinner Canal Kayak –
K1 Open 18-39 STEVEN ARMSTRONG (#85) 01:26:04
2 K1 Open 18-39 JIMMY FEATHERY (#15) 01:27:01
3 K1 Open 18-39 BEN KEYS (#104) 01:28:05


1 Multisport Open 18-39 KATIE CAMBIE (#111) 01:46:20
2 Multisport Veteran 40-49 SIMONE MAIER (#53) 01:47:36
3 Multisport Veteran 40-49 ALEX MARTIN (#22) 01:53:29le