New TO's Certification System to train the next generation of ITU Officials


ITU announced the new ITU Technical Official Certification System, following the success of the previous one that has been in place since 2009 and will be applied until December 2020.

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Our Technical Officials are indeed a reference across the sports organizations, but ITU's goal is always to keep improving and try not only to attract new Officials, but also to give them the best opportunities and education that we can.

"We are extremely proud of our Technical Officials, they are one of the most valuable assets of ITU, and their passion and commitment to the sport are truly amazing. ITU would definitely not be the same without them, but we are really looking forward to continuing investing in their education, and this new program will provide them with the best tools so that they will keep officiating at their best, delivering the best triathlon events all across the world", said ITU President and IOC member, Marisol Casado. 

To get the new generations of Technical Officials ready for the future, the new certification system will be in place from the beginning of the 2021 session, which means that all the Technical Officials will be evaluated with the existing system for the last time in January 2020.

With the previous system, we were able to witness an exceptional growth on our Technical Officials’ numbers all over the world, especially in the female participation, and with the new one The ITU Sport Department will be looking to  strength more the quality standards of the program along with the improvement of the competence and capability of our Technical Officials, to continue delivering top-tier events all across the globe.

The main changes between the new and the previous certification system are:

  • ITU TO level 3 has been divided in two levels (ITU TO Level 3A and ITU TO level 3B)
  • It is now a mandate for an Official to revalidate his/her TO level online in order to be eligible for an ITU TO level 2 seminar or an ITU TO level 3A seminar.
  • As part of the eligibility criteria for an ITU TO level 1 official to progress to ITU Level 2, is considered the number of different officiating roles, additional to the number of events and the years on the specific level that he/she has so far.
  • As part of the eligibility criteria for an ITU TO level 2 official to progress to ITU Level 3A, is considered the assignment to a chief official position on a WTS event or WTS GF, additional to the number of events as TD and the years on the specific level that is in place.
  • There is a time limit on how many years’ an Official can be under the inactive status before being removed from the certification lists.
  • The honorary status conditions have been set for the ITU TO Level 3A and ITU TO Level 3B officials.
  • It is still possible for an official with great involvement in our sport to progress through the system by fulfilling all the eligibility requirements on the same time frame as before.

The 2021 TO certification system can be found here along with a Q&A for a better understanding of the new system here and the procedures and regulations that will be followed here