New Zealand Surf Journal Launches


A new surf media brand is about to launch into the New Zealand market with photographer and writer Derek Morrison at the helm. Derek has a proven track record of more than 24 years in publishing, including the popular Box of Light surf photo blog that he produces each Tuesday morning. New Zealand Surf Journal is an extension of that – completely online and with an ethos to “raise the tide for all boats in New Zealand surfing”. 

“New Zealand Surf Journal has lofty goals for surfing in New Zealand,” explains Derek. “We exist to shine a light on all the good things happening in the New Zealand surfing industry, sport and recreation. We have some of the country's best surf writers, experts, photographers and videographers on the schedule to deliver the best stories from throughout the country."

The publishing model is based off paid subscriptions – a growing trend in the UK and USA for quality niche content. Subscriptions start from $4/month for full access or $5/month on a month-by-month basis. You can find the subscribe page here and New Zealand Surf Journal includes a very cool gift subscription feature. 

"We've kept the price low so readers can become a part of the growing New Zealand Surf Journal family,” shares Derek. “We'd love for you to buy a subscription to New Zealand Surf Journal and help support our goal to boost the profile of our best minds, help raise the profile for our surf athletes and board shapers and help our contributors to dive deeper into their stories and the stories you love."

New Zealand Surf Journal is feature driven with stories aimed at a reader from 25-65 years of age. Have a look inside and delve into the Tao of Johnny Ramone, or learn how to surf better with top surf coach Matt Scorringe, of the Art of Surfing, or work on your paddling with surf physiology expert Dr Oliver Farley, of Farley Performance Training. The website also features an extensive section on environmental issues and reviews of surf hardware. 

"There are many people contributing to New Zealand Surf Journal and we're proud to say they're the best in New Zealand surf media,” explains Derek.

So what does that mean for Box of Light? 

"Well, it won't change your weekly dose of stoke,” explains Derek. "Box of Light has always been about your Tuesday morning coffee break filled with images from where you'd rather be. That won't change. The stories may not go on for longer than your boss allows for your break, but we'll link you to those longer reads over on New Zealand Surf Journal. Otherwise we will still be chasing the best images from our week and tempting you weekly about buying a new artwork for your home!"

Check out New Zealand Surf Journal … you’ll like it.