NZ MTB Cup Series Round 2 Downhill

19/01/2015 by Steve Knowles

Once again, The Gravity Canterbury Community put on a great event with hosting the 2nd round of the MTB Downhill Cup Series in Christchurch.

The weather was a consistent hot and dry nor-west heat flow filtering up the Port Hills throughout the weekend reaching a high of 32 degrees on race day, with the track slowly turning the race weekend into a very dry, dusty and challenging event for all competitors.

The race track was a combination of steep rocky, rooty terrain that required a fast delivery of speed and race line choice to keep the flow with some technical rocky - rooty chute sections that had the riders displaying respect for the venue.

The final steep section just before the finish line drew in a lot of spectators from the event pit arena to create one of the best crowd area finish-line atmospheres we have experienced in a while.

Each competitor entering the final chute had only two choices of tackling this section, which consisted of either taking the safer right hand chicane line, or the “Roll the Dice” straight-line option.

The straight-line option delivered some huge spectacular crashes though-out the final race run event, which had the crowds on the edge of their “feet” witnessing some brave riding and skill levels as each rider displayed their own version of trying to save precious seconds towards the finish-line beam only metres away.

The bravest and most perfectly executed approach/ride through award went to International Rider Bernard Kerr who completely jumped the gnarly root section, landed and then pin-pointed his exit through the final steep rutted section for a perfect exit to the finish line.

The top effort award went to NZ Women Elite Rider, Sophie Tyas as the only female rider to tackle the straight-line option.

The crash of the day award went to Pro-Elite rider Matt Scoles who hit the ground with such impact over the middle section of this final chute that he managed to flip himself upright and remount, continuing through to the finish line.

Now we look forward to the NZ MTB Cup Series moving up to Auckland in two weeks, to another brand new venue on the 2015 circuit, at the 440 MTB Park south of the city. See you all up there on the 30-31st-1st Feb.