One week to go! - 1,800 kilometers


Day 90 - The Jonesys Family (with 1year old daughter) walk from the centre of Australia to the coast (Port Augusta) on foot over 1,800 kilometers 


Jonesys update

I can't believe this has turned into my longest expedition yet.

95 days today and with a week to go, we're going to crack triple figures. On Tuesday arvo (Halloween of all days) we should march into the sea at Port Augusta, South Australia. It's getting real!

Morgan will have slept in a tent for a fifth of her entire life. That's more than most adults will accumulate over eight decades of living. In that time she has not only survived but she has thrived.

A week before the start of our expedition she took her first steps. Now she likes to 'run like an emu'. She loves to hug trees, mimic animal sounds, collect sticks for the fire and barely complains when she steps on thorns and pricks.

She has morphed into a strong, capable, curious and connected little girl before our very eyes.

Lauren has taken to her first expedition with such grace and poise - she looks like a season pro. A couple of people of said to me at the start of the expedition are you sure that Lauren can make it? Is she tough enough?

Is she tough enough? I've never had any doubt.

I think any woman who carries a child for 9 months, gives birth to a watermelon and then keeps it alive for a year is going to be tough enough for a three month expedition. Seriously...that's just one trimester of pregnancy.

To all the mothers out there and in particular my wife - you rock. You ladies are the toughest human beings out there. I've managed. I've had a helluva lot of ups and a couple of big downs.

The biggest upside is having this uninterrupted time with my family, seeing us all grow together as a family unit and creating memories that will last us till the end. It has been priceless.

The lowest point has been nursing my sprained ankle for the last 11 weeks and 1300kilometres. Not fun. I'm seriously over it but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back on some of the expeditions that I've been lucky enough to experience:
The Tasman was the hardest logistical puzzle to crack.
Antarctica was the most physically gruelling and challenging.
This one, the most emotionally trying and yet the most gratifying. I cannot imagine having done this without either Lauren or Morgan.
If you're interested in supporting our journey, then we hope you consider donating to our charity of choice for this expedition: Western Desert Dialysis. More information at the bottom of this email and to donate click here.

If not, that's cool! Hope you enjoyed the read and have a great day.

One week left. Deep breath.

Here we go...


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