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Interview - World Champion Team Seagate

With 30 days to go, defending World Champion Team Seagate has a new teammate. Bob Mclachan talks to host Legendary Randy Ericksen on the TA1 podcast

World Firsts! - Torpedo7 Spring Challenge sets records

2017 is witnessing Women's Adventure Racing in New Zealand reaching all new levels. Ten Events Ltd, the company behind the successful adventure sporting events and training, including the Spring Challenge events

Godzone reaches 100 teams

The world’s largest expedition adventure race has reached another major milestone with entries into GODZone Chapter 7 reaching 100 teams.

Fear Society

Sixteen southlanders have started up a new sporting society this month. It is called the Fiordland Endurance and Adventure Racing Society, or the Fear Society for short.

Red Bull X-Alps, the world’s toughest adventure race

This years Red Bull X-Alps paraglide - adventure race will see 32 starters with Kiwi Nick Neynens and Australian Che Golus representing their counties

Adventurethon Kalbarri

Adventurethon Kalbarri 2017 kicked off with some great weather. Milder temperatures than those predicted meant that competitors avoided the winter chill, and instead were treated to stunning conditions.

Godzone - 10 additional team entries

New Zealand’s premiere expedition adventure race, GODZone, is to release 10 additional team entries for Chapter 7. The extra places have being made available in response to the large number of teams that registered an interest in racing after the eve

2017 xtrail Atlay Expedition Race - What is Seagate's Victorious Secret?

Team Seagate have once again done what quite simply has become expected of them … to win every adventure race they enter. No other team in history has won more Adventure Racing World Series rounds,

NZ’s first pack rafting and bike packing adventure

NZ’s first pack rafting and bike packing adventure wins best New Zealand made film at the 2017 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival.

Team Seagate leading in China

The elite New Zealand adventure racing Team Seagate are currently leading the ALTAY XTRAIL EXPEDITION RACE in China, which is round 6 of the Adventure Racing World Series.