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Canyoning death - Coromandel - Waikato

Police are urging people to observe weather warnings and not to venture alone after a death of a person canyoning in the Coromandel Saturday

Body recovered in South Westland tramping fatality

The body of a man who fell to his death in the Mawson Glacier, near the headwaters of the Whateroa River was recovered today.

Australian climbers who died on Mt Cook named

The two experienced Australian climbers who died on Mt Cook were named to day.

Rowing Home from Singapore - 5 lessons from preparing

One of the great things about taking on huge projects is that you learn so much, about so many things as you journey through the process.

Victim of climbing accident named

The Australian climber who died after a fall from Aoraki Mt Cook National Park yesterday (23 December 2015) was 28 year old Nicola Anne Andrews from Melbourne.

Climbing fatality in Aoraki Mt Cook National Park

A female climber who was airlifted from Mt Cook National Park this morning has died after falling 300m from the slopes of the Footstall

Among adventure sports ocean rowing has its unique characteristics

The ocean is vast, fierce and relentless, and there is nowhere to escape. No off-button, for at least 40 days, but usually the crossing requires around 60 days, sometimes even longer.

Mag - the latest NZ adventure magazine is out - issue 93 "Just Add Water"

Featuring Ben Brown kayaking in Iceland, kayaking in Angola with Mike Dawson, plus Godzone & Coast to Coast updates

Sport NZ rings changes to ensure Kiwis stay in sport and active recreation

Sport New Zealand has today confirmed investment of around $43m a year for the next four years aimed at maintaining and growing the number of Kiwis involved in community sport,

Rescue under way in Goat Pass

An operation is currently under way in the Goat Pass area to rescue an injured person.