Rocky Trail to establish regional schools mountain bike event on the Gold Coast


Rocky Trail Entertainment is announcing that their first event in Queensland will be the Gold Coast Schools Mountain Bike Comp in conjunction with Nerang State High School on Friday, 1st November at Nerang National Park. The popular Gold Coast mountain bike trail network will then also host Rocky Trail's popular Fox Superflow event on Sunday, 3rd November. Since 2012 these events have been taking the Australian gravity community by storm and are ideal for those who are keen to take on an endurance challenge of a different kind.


A growing Rocky Trail Community expands north
Founded by Juliane and Martin Wisata in 2008, Rocky Trail Entertainment has become one of the major private cycling events organisers in Australia. Over the past decade they have established a vibrant community of #rockytrailracers and have organised more than 250 events across a wide variety of disciplines, including cross-country lap races, MTB marathons and downhill races.

The Rocky Trail Headquarter is currently based on the NSW Central Coast and it has been confirmed that the Queensland division will be headed up by Jo Parker and Bob Morris, who joined the business in 2018. Both are very experienced event managers and enthusiastic cyclists and will expand the popular Rocky Trail community into the Australian Sunshine State.


Junior development drives Queensland launch
Rocky Trail’s first event in Queensland will be the Gold Coast Schools Mountain Bike Comp in conjunction with Nerang State High School on Friday, 1st November at Nerang National Park.

“We are excited for Rocky Trail Entertainment to establish a regional schools event for us, which will develop our students’ mountain biking skills in a fun environment", says Michael Cooper, the MTB Schools Coordinator for Nerang State High School. He explained that he had been liaising with regional schools that run mountain bike programs to participate in the event. "This is about developing the sport on a grassroots level and with Rocky Trail we found a strong and very experienced events partner”, he added.

Event Manager Jo Parker indicated that this regional schools event will be developed into a model that can be rolled out to any region across the State and country under the banner of "Rocky Trail Academy".

“Joining Rocky Trail Entertainment I immediately identified the potential for a strong junior development component in their events portfolio”, says Rocky Trail’s Jo Parker, former World Cup MTB Events Manager and active club committee member across various sports. “Based on the Gold Coast I have been working also in the Education Queensland system and this is how the connection to the local school established. From there our event plans started forming quickly. To bolt on the Fox Superflow event on the Sunday was a logical extension – the trails at Nerang will be a great launching platform for Rocky Trail in Queensland”, she added.

“I have been involved with the Rocky Trail team for some time now, also in previous roles in the cycling industry and one of the reasons why I joined the team was the fact that it has been clear they really listen to rider feedback and adapt accordingly. They have been running events for over a decade and have established a professional reputation of keeping things serious enough, casual enough, clockwork enough, and fun”, Parker explained.


Fox Superflow to entertain racers in Queensland
With their Superflow races Rocky Trail has established a unique racing concept based on the popular enduro-formats overseas in Australia. Bob Morris selected the Nerang National Park for the Fox Superflow launch in Queensland and is proud to have the full support of the local Gold Coast MTB Club.

“I have been travelling with the Fox Superflow across NSW and the ACT for almost two years now and instantly saw the potential for it in Queensland”, the Event Manager said. “These events are accessible for a wide variety of mountain bikers who love that sense of excitement and the adrenaline surge of hitting a race stage, yet still enjoy the social aspect of spending all day out on the trails with the mates or family”, he added.

Morris explained that the Gold Coast MTB Club had been a great supporter in the event planning process and that the trails were ideal for this type of racing. “Rocky Trail picks trails for the Fox Superflow that give the riders that ‘super flowy’ feeling! Each timed section demands different skill sets of the riders – from tricky sections around rocks and tight corners to flowy berms and quick stints that needed pedal power and endurance”, he explained.


About the racing experience Morris said, “These events are unique Australia-wide in that we can offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders – from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together. Rocky Trail refined a very flexible timing system so our events don’t require any start orders and riders can pick the sequence in which to complete the timed race stages themselves. That way, riders of different categories can spend all day riding and racing together.”


Entertainment on rocky trails continues
In a joint statement the founders Juliane and Martin Wisata said that they still had plenty of ideas to continue to 'entertain' Australian mountain bikers and cyclists, "We can now deliver more events for cyclists of all ages and riding and racing desires." They said that the new management team supported those ventures and ensured a sustainable growth. "Our entire team and extended crew share this great passion for cycling and mountain biking with our vibrant Rocky Trail community. That's why we will never stop exploring and are constantly working on opportunities that we know can be turned into amazing experiences for Australian cyclists", the Wisatas promised.

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