R&R Rail Trail Duathlon - Australian First



We had the first ever recorded unicyclist competing in an Australian sanctioned multisport event at the “R&R Rail Trail Experience” last Sunday the 30th April.

Andrew Bowen who competed in the Linville Loop event on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail will go down in history not only as the winner but as the only ever competitor as a unicyclist.

Andrew celebrated with a wheelie while coming over the finish line.


The R&R Rail Trail Experience this year offered 4 different events for runners, bike riders & unicyclist.

30/30.  Run 30 km then ride 30 km

Linville Loop. Run 2 km then ride 22 km

Classic duathlon. Run 4 km – Ride 18 km – Run 1 km

8 km Rail Trail Fun Run

This is the 4th time this annual event has been held with the start/finish located at the Blackbutt Showgrounds and the numbers have grown every year. The reasons why G’onya Adventures in partnership with The BVRT Ambassadors decided to bring this recreational event to the BVRT was to highlight this beautiful section of the Rail Trail and to bring interest and tourism to the South Burnett area. A lot of the competitors make a weekend of it and either camp at the showgrounds or stay locally as it’s the Labour Day long weekend. Most competitors didn’t realise how beautiful it was out here and say they will be back.

There are a couple of things that make this event unique,

  • The events don’t start to the sound of a starters gun, but from the sound of an authentic train whistle (thanks to the local BVRT Ambassador Bob Howe)
  • Competitors compete for a wood turned train whistle trophies (donated by a local wood turner) or Rail trail nail trophies, very unique to the Rail trail.
  • This is predominantly a recreational event, so you do not need to be elite at duathlons. We encourage the ‘have a go’ competitors.


Johanna Kidby Race Report – The R&R Rail Trail Experience Sunday 30th April 2017

A few weeks ago a friend mentioned the R&R race in this place called Blackbutt. Being a Kiwi, with fairly newly settled feathers here, I thought it sounded interesting. An adventure for this adventure seeking Mum. My friend was excited as he could ride his Unicycle…!! I used to ride (on two wheels) a lot and thought the ride part would be a breeze. (Haven’t done a MTB event in over 2 years!) Pondered over the 22km run. Then realised I know I can!! Being the procrastinator I am and liking to enter things at the last minute in case something better comes up…I missed the deadline. I thought I could enter on the day!! (Totally understand the logistics of moving the bikes to transition and organisation and understand why on the day registrations aren’t taken for the 2 longer events.)

So some kind words, written with a smile and the bribery of chocolate got me to the start line :-)
What a day!! What an event!!
It was freekin tough!! I felt really good on the run, especially tagging on with a likeminded chick, chatting the kms away when I realised I needed to pull myself back a bit. By 18km my quads were starting to laugh at me, letting me know I didn’t train for this seemingly flat but actually slight declining course! I shut that monkey mind out and went back into relax ‘you got this’ mode and then got an inspirational burst of energy as the first riders started coming through…and the Uni rider!! Bring on the bike…so I thought!!

Well-marked, well set up and easy to follow transition, even with flat coke. The only time I drink that shit and it saves me every time ;-)

Making sure I was fuelled and watered I cruised out on the bike. Thinking, I’ll just ease into this, let the nutrition settle before pushing myself.  Hahaha… The easing into it never came. It’s funny how you don’t realise the gradience of the terrain until you have to ride it!! It was a struggle. I hated it, every single push and pull of my pedals. Legs were screaming, mind was screaming. “Where the hell is that uni cyclist so I can blame him for this pain I’m in!! It was after all he who put the idea out there!!”

Then came the fun bits… “Consider dismounting” Yeah, right! I’m going to make the most of these downhills as short and sweet as they are!

Then at 9km to go I saw him!! Uni-rider Andy. I came up behind with as much cursing as I could muster between my desperate breaths. I realised that he was feeling the same pain but just a lot better at not showing or verbalising it. He confirmed my question of only one other female in front of me so decided I better push on. Then I got caught! A cyclist!! I knew how far ahead I was from her on the run leg, what a machine, she had pulled me in and I had nothing to chase her. Man was I looking forward to the last couple of km, downhill. I pushed and gave it my all right to the finish, rolled as far as I could away from the line and supporters, remembered to unclip my feet before falling in slow mo to the ground! Then, there he was, the man with the spray! Awesome touch. He double checked I was all ok before pulling back my helmet and spraying me down, like going through a carwash!

I’m a believer in leaving nothing out there. I didn’t.

My call home, the same as every event… “how’d ya go?” “f*#@’n hated it!!!” “So you’ll be back next year then?” “Hell Yeah!!”

Thank you to all the volunteers and Gonya Adventures Team. You guys rock! A grass-roots event run by real people for real people! These ones are always the best. The helpfulness from rego to finish line, nothing was a problem. The camaraderie and support from other athletes on the course was awesome. The camping over and shared conversations with like-minded others was just perfect. Great location, challenging course, amazing event!!

See you at the Eco Challenge (I might actually train for that one!! hahaha…)

Johanna Kidby




The dates for 2018 is Sunday 6th May

 2017 Winners




8km Overall

1st Male

Rod Thornbury



2nd Male

Ian Quaile



3rd Male

Ben Bulfin







1st Female

Wendy Smith



2nd Female

Sally Quinlan



3rd Female

Giselle Marr







1st male

Warren Smith



2nd male

Stefan Kruger



3rd Male

Reece Wells







1st Female

Dianne Brown



2nd Female

Nerida Higgins



3rd Female

Kelly Klibbe






Duathlon Teams

1st Team

The PJ's



2nd Team

Young Guns



3rd Team

The Yorky's






Linville Loop

1st male

Maxence Bugnot



2nd Male

Danny Coleman



3rd Male

Terry Greenslade







1st Female

Tina Kirwan



2nd Female

Cathy Milgate



3rd Female

Johanna Kidby






Linville Teams

1st Team




2nd Team

Over 50's



3rd Team








1st Male

Kerry Suter



2nd Male

Mathew Klibbe



3rd Male

Ben Malby







1st Female

Anne Alford



2nd Female

Wenx Hansen



3rd Female

Karine Churchill






30/30 Team

1st Team

Jonny Bananas



2nd Team




3rd Team

Why Not