SBS Bank Tour of Southland - Defending champ Michael Vink takes slim lead




Defending champion Michael Vink will take the slimmest of leads into the final stage of the 2020 SBS Bank Tour of Southland.


Vink (Transport Engineering-Talley’s), who is attempting to join an elite club of riders who have won New Zealand’s most prestigious stage race three times in a row, leads 2016 winner Aaron Gate (Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy) by 1sec after this morning’s 13km individual time trial around Winton.


Gate won the stage with a stunning ride in cold, windy conditions, the only rider to break the 16min mark, with Glenn Haden (Coupland’s) second and Logan Currie (Transport Engineering-Talley’s) third.


Gate’s team mate James Oram is in third place, 5sec in arrears, with overnight leader Corbin Strong trailing by 37sec after placing 23rd on the stage.


“It’s going to be an exciting last stage, everyone wants to see good racing and tight racing and that’s exactly what we’ve got,” Vink said.


This afternoon’s 77km stage gets underway from Winton at 1.30pm and finishes in Invercargill at about 3pm.


SBS Tour of Southland

Results from the 7th stage of the SBS Tour of Southland.

Winton Time Trial

1. Aaron Gate (BSP) 15m59s; 2. Glenn Haden (CPB) at 07s; 3. Logan Currie (TET) at 19s; 4. James Oram (BSP) at 21s; 5. Michael Vink (TET) at 22s; 6. Dylan Kennett (TET) at 31s; 7. Mark Stewart (VFF) at 33s; 8. Alexander White (BSP) at 37s; 9. Luke Mudgway (BSP) at 45s; 10. Ben Oliver (CBW) at 45s; 11. Ethan Batt (BSP) at 45s; 12. Joel Yates (BSR) at 49s; 13. Paul Odlin (PNL) at 51s; 14. Jordan Kerby (BSR) at 52s; 15. Ollie Jones (PNL) at 54s; 16. Hamish Keast (TET) at 57s; 17. Tom Sexton (BSS) at 01m00s; 18. Bailey O'Donnell (TET) at 01m00s; 19. Laurence Pithie (CCA) at 01m02s; 20. Daniel Bridgwater (CBO) at 01m02s; 21. Madi Hartly-Brown (CPB) at 01m03s; 22. Reuben Thompson (VFF) at 01m04s; 23. Corbin Strong (PNL) at 01m09s; 24. Hugo Jones (BSS) at 01m23s; 25. Kees Duyvesteyn (MEN) at 01m26s;

Overall Standings

1. Michael Vink (TET) 17h37m14s; 2. Aaron Gate (BSP) at 01s; 3. James Oram (BSP) at 05s; 4. Corbin Strong (PNL) at 37s; 5. Ollie Jones (PNL) at 42s; 6. Luke Mudgway (BSP) at 02m23s; 7. Ben Oliver (CBW) at 02m39s; 8. Logan Currie (TET) at 02m46s; 9. Laurence Pithie (CCA) at 03m13s; 10. Reuben Thompson (VFF) at 03m46s; 11. Tom Sexton (BSS) at 05m11s; 12. Theo Gilbertson (CSM) at 05m28s; 13. Paul Odlin (PNL) at 06m28s; 14. Joel Yates (BSR) at 06m32s; 15. Bailey O'Donnell (TET) at 10m01s; 16. Mark Stewart (VFF) at 13m27s; 17. Jack Drage (CBW) at 16m34s; 18. Glenn Haden (CPB) at 17m27s; 19. Hamish Keast (TET) at 17m43s; 20. Kees Duyvesteyn (MEN) at 18m21s; 21. Barnaby Clegg-Shaw (RJS) at 18m57s; 22. Jake Marryatt (RVR) at 19m11s; 23. Cathal Guiney (BMN) at 19m48s; 24. Campbell Pithie (CCA) at 19m57s; 25. Campbell Stewart (BSR) at 20m50s;

Team Overall

1. Black Spoke Pro Cycling Academy 52h49m53s; 2. Powernet at 07m37s; 3. Transport Engineering – Talleys at 12m14s; 4. Vet4Farm at 40m00s; 5. Creation Signs – MitoQ at 45m16s; 6. Central Benchmakers – Willbike at 46m10s; 7. Business South at 50m47s; 8. Base Solutions Racing at 53m27s; 9. Circuit Asphalt at 1h07m52s; 10. Real Journeys at 1h07m56s;


1. James Fouche (CSM) 57; 2. Matthew Zenovich (VFF) 34; 3. Dylan Kennett (TET) 21; 4. Paul Odlin (PNL) 19; 5. Jordan Kerby (BSR) 18; 6. Jack Drage (CBW) 15; 7. James Williamson (CSM) 14; 8. Paul Wright (CSM) 11; 9. George Jackson (CSM) 9; 10. Corbin Strong (PNL) 8;

King of Mountains

1. Paul Wright (CSM) 43; 2. Ollie Jones (PNL) 17; 3. Jack Drage (CBW) 15; 4. Reuben Thompson (VFF) 14; 5. Aaron Gate (BSP) 12; 6. Laurence Pithie (CCA) 11; 7. Michael Vink (TET) 11; 8. Corbin Strong (PNL) 10; 9. Theo Gilbertson (CSM) 9; 10. James Williamson (CSM) 8;