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New Zealand Secondary Schools Track and Field and Road Championships, Caledonian Ground – 30 November 1/2 December 2018

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Dominic Overend proved to be the fastest school boy this year, winning the senior boys 100m and 200m as well as contributing to Auckland Grammar’s victory in the 4 x 100m relay. Thwarted by a strong head wind Overend sped to victory in the 100m in 10.90 and in the 200m in 22.16. Overend was later named along with Hannah O’Connor, Samuel Tanner, Connor Bell and Maia Anderson-Broughton as senior athletes of the meet.

Hannah O’Connor won three events: the senior girls 1500m in 4:31.75, the 3000m in 9:34.60 and the 2000m steeplechase in 6:55.98. Sam Tanner took out the senior boys 1500m/3000m double in 3:55.38 and 8:35.01. Connor Bell retained his discus title with a throw of 65.36m and Maia Anderson-Broughton was the senior girls sprint champion clocking 12.39 over 100m and 25.19 in the 200m.

Nick Palmer comfortably retained the senior boys shot put title with 20.76m. Nik Kini was second in both the shot and discus. Kayla Goodwin took out the senior girls horizontal jump titles with 5.76m in the long jump and 12.17m in the triple jump. Anthony Barmes won the senior boys hammer throw and was a close second in the pole vault clearing the same height of 3.85m as the winner Jared Neighbours. Cam Robinson won the javelin with a throw of 66.63m, with Neighbours second with 60.46m.

Jayden Williamson was named junior boy and multi-athlete of the meeting and Genna Maples the junior girl athlete. Williamson won the discus and hammer throws as well as setting a record of 2.01m in the high jump.

Maples won the sprint double in 12.34 and 25.19, the long jump with 5.64m, as well as anchoring Wanganui Collegiate to victory in the 4 x 100m and 4 x 400m relays, the team setting a record of 48.68 in the 4 x 100m relay.

Other records were set by Wanganui Collegiate, Tayla Brunger, Sophie Redmayne, Grace Godfrey and Emma Osborne recording 3:57.87 in the senior girls 4 x 400m relay and Zane Powell improved on his junior boys 2000m steeplechase record to 6:14.90. He also won the 3000m in 8:46.84.

Josh Adegoke won the junior boys sprint double, Quinn Hartley the junior boys long and triple jumps, Joanna Poland the junior girls 3000m and 2000m steeplechase, 

William Stedman of Middleton Grange School won the Para senior boys long jump with 5.37m (-1.9) and the 200m in 25.86 (-3.6) and was named male Para Athlete of the meeting with Danielle Aitchinson of Hauraki Plains the female Para Athlete of the meet.


Senior Boys
100m: Dominic Overend (AGS) 10.90s 1, Mogammad Smith (KingsC) 11.00s 2, Jacob Stockwell (N/Ply) 11.16s 3.
200m: Overend 22.16s 1, Mattheus Pio (St Pauls) 22.78s 2, Isaac Oliver (St Patrick’s) 22.91s 3.
400m: Travis Bayler (Whanganui) 49.92s 1, Sam Potter (Albany) 49.93s 2, Michael Graham (Sacred Heart) 49.99s 3.
800m: Max Spencer (Rathkeale) 1m 54.06s 1, Joseph Sinclair (Wang) 1m 54.33s PB 2, Patrick Dowd (Ham) 1m 54.64s PB 3.
1500m: Samuel Tanner (Bethlehem) 3m 55.38s 1, Fletcher Pickworth (Motueka) 4m 1.69s 2, Ben Bidois (Cambridge) 4m 1.73s 3.
3000m: Tanner 8m 35.01s 1, Alexander Hull (Kerikeri) 8m 37.23s PB 2, Nathan Hill (Otago) 8m 40.65s PB 3.
3000m race walk: Ryan Jones (Napier) 14m 54.43s 1, Lucas Martin (Wanganui) 15m 6.55s 2, Alex Brown (KingsHS) 15m 19.08s 3.
110m hurdles: Olly Parkinson (AGS) 14.65s 1, Hamish Lock (St Patrick’s) 15.09s =PB 2, Ben Sewell (Timaru) 15.13s PB 3.
300m hurdles: Pio 37.35s 1, Parkinson 37.73s 2, Sewell 38.78s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Murdoch McIntyre (WBHS) 6m 3.74s 1, George Guerin (Timaru) 6m 12.21s 2, Buddy-Joe Small (Sthld) 6m 25.04s 3.
6km road race: David Moore (WBHS) 18m 50.03s 1, Toby Gualter (Tawa) 18m 57.39s 2, Max Yanzick (St Kevin’s) 19m 1.01s 3.
Shot put: Nick Palmer (Karamu) 20.76m 1, Nik Kini (Whangarei) 18.23m 2, Zion Trigger-Faitele (ScotsC) 16.06m 3.                   
Discus throw: Connor Bell (WBHS) 65.36m 1, Kini 55.25m 2, Metuaivii Herman (AGS) 50.55m 3.
Hammer throw: Anthony Barmes (WBHS) 63.07m 1, Reuben Gregory (Whang) 56.75m 2, Thomas Valentine (Timaru) 56.12m 3.
Javelin throw: Cam Robinson (Wgtn) 66.63m 1, Jared Neighbours (Papanui) 60.46m 2, Dean Andrews (Timaru) 54.64m PB 3.
Long jump: Shay Veitch (John McG) 7.11m (also 6.98m PB) 1, Charles Annals (Ham) 7.05m PB 2, Oscar Schmidt-Uili (St Patrick’s) 6.71m 3.
Triple jump: Andrew Allan (Gore) 14.24m PB 1, Annals 14.16m 2, Schmidt-Uili 13.75m 3.
High jump: Josh Inger (R’toe) 2.05m PB 1, Luke Murray (St Andrew’s) 1.93m 2, Charles Devlin (Glendowie) 1.93m PB 3.
Pole vault: Neighbours 3.85m 1, Barmes 3.85m 2, Edward Hsing (Christ’s) 3.55m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland Grammar School (Liam Wong, Dominic Overend, Jamie Chambers-Steward, Olly Parkinson) 43.48s 1, Napier Boys’ High School 44.08s 2, Whanganui High School 44.14s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland Grammar School (Ben Kelsey, Wynton Richards, Finn Ward, Olly Parkinson) 3m 26.04s 1, Whanganui High School 3m 50.53s 2, Sacred Heart College Auckland 3m 31.29s 3.

Senior girls
100m: Maia Anderson-Broughton (St Andrew’s) 12.39s 1, Leah Belfield (Te Awamutu) 12.41s 2, Sam Nicholls (Dunstan) 12.80s 3.
200m: Anderson-Broughton 25.19s 1, Belfield 25.48s 2, Celia Ward 26.70s 3.
400m: Emma Osborne (Wanganui) 56.28s 1, Charlotte Holland (St Cuth’s) 57.65s 2, Tayla Brunger (Wanganui) 59.11s 3.
800m: Sophie Atkinson (Glendowie) 2m 11.61s PB 1, Lucy Hegan (Wgtn) 2m 12.74s PB 2, Tillie Hollyer (Timaru) 2m 14.62s PB 3.
1500m: Hannah O’Connor (Sacred Heart N/Ply) 4m 31.75s 1, Rebecca Baker (Whanganui) 4m 35.64s 2, Aimee Ferguson (Rototuna) 4m 39.97s 3.
3000m: O’Connor 9m 34.60s 1, Ferguson 9m 57.05s 2, Baker 9m 58.51s PB 3.
2000m race walk: Alice Ritchie (St Margaret’s) 11m 16.63s 1, Taylor Bell (Rosehill) 11m 25.17s 2, Courtney Hillyer (Chch) 11m 27.08s 3.
100m hurdles: Hinewai Knowles (Cambridge) 14.22s PB 1, Alessandra Macdonald (Fairfield) 14.31s PB 2, Kayla Goodwin (Sacred Heart) 14.60s 3.
300m hurdles: Macdonald 43.58s 1, Jenna Thorne (Otago) 45.06s 2, Brianna Cadwallader (Mahurangi) 45.47s 3.
2000m steeplechase: O’Connor 6m 55.98s 1, Samantha Corbett (Te Kuiti) 7m 21.96s 2, Liliana Braun (Cashmere) 7m 26.16s 3.
4km road race: Olivia Cummings (Otumoetai) 14m 33.50s 1, Natalya Carter (Baradene) 14m 43.51s 2, Charli Miller (St Peter’s) 14m 44.01s 3.
Shot put: Jaidyn Busch (Chch) 16.00m PB 1, Kaia Tupu-South (WGHS) 15.17m 2, Amania Mafi (Upper Hutt) 14.12m PB 3.
Discus throw: Tupu-South 44.88m PB 1, Zharna Beattie (Taieri) 40.63m PB 2, Savannah Scheen (H’ville) 35.87m 3.
Hammer throw: Alana Ryan (Hawera) 51.02m 1, Aimee-Leigh Scott (Whangarei) 49.91m 2, Maria Naime (Man) 47.24m 3.
Javelin throw: Scheen 43.48m PB 1, Mikairi Beauchamp (BM) 40.65m 2, Jessica Senior (Sthld) 40.29m 3.
Long jump: Goodwin 5.76m 1, Sofia Lome (WGHS) 5.57m 2, Lydia Bamford (Pal/Nth) 5.48m 3.    
Triple jump: Goodwin 12.17m 1, Macdonald 11.36m 2, Lisa Putt (St Kents) 11.26m 3.
High jump: Josephine Reeves (Chilton) 1.83m 1, Imogen Skelton (Samuel Marsden) 1.75m 2, Kate Davies (Villa Maria) 1.69m 3.
Pole vault: Imogen Ayris (TGS) 3.90m 1, Isabella Brown (WGHS) 3.40m PB 2, Samantha van den Hurk (Dio) 3.20m 3.
4 x 100m relay: St Cuthbert’s College (Leilani Faaiuaso, Isabel Allen, Elena Edgar-Nemec, Charlotte Holland) 49.38s 1, Wanganui Collegiate 49.79s 2, Dunstan High School 50.03s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Wanganui Collegiate (Tayla Brunger, Sophie Redmayne, Grace Godfrey, Emma Osborne) 3m 57.87s (record) 1, Christchurch Girls’ High School 4m 5.89s 2, St Cuthbert’s College 4m 6.22s 3.

Junior boys
100m: Josh Adegoke (Napier) 11.40s 1, Max Brebner (Tga) 11.69s 2, Jack Rodgers (Chch) 11.74s 3.
200m: Adegoke 23.19s 1, Brebner 23.43s 2, Andrew Jenkins (Onslow) 23.54s 3.          
400m: Jack Rodgers (Chch) 52.30s 1, Luke Barrett (Rolleston) 54.24s 2, Lee Lober-Chan (AGS) 54.29s 3.
800m: Jai Dawson (Kerikeri) 1m 56.42s 1, James Harding (KingsC) 1m 58.81s 2, Finlay Seeds (Hutt Intnl) 1m 59.43 3.
1500m: Ryan Bagrie (Timaru) 4m 7.43s 1, Cameron O’Brien (KingsC) 4m 14.52s 2, Thomas Clarke (Papanui) 4m 14.87s 3.
3000m: Zane Powell (KingsC) 8m 46.84s 1, Mac Rowe (N/Ply) 8m 56.37s 2, Charlie Hazlett (Cashmere) 9m 1.66s 3.
100m hurdles: Cameron Moffitt (Otago) 13.76s 1, Harley Patel-Muxlow (Wgtn) 14.50s 2, Jay Davis (Kings HS) 14.65s 3.
300m hurdles: Moffitt 39.45s 1, Ben Strang (St Pauls) 40.75s 2, Adam Stack (Waimea) 41.53s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Zane Powell (KingsC) 6m 14.90 (record) 1, Luke Clements (MAGS) 6m 15.64s 2, Seeds 6m 24.36s 3.
4km road race: William Taylor (Chch) 12m 44.04s 1, Toby Saxby (WBHS) 12m 52.43s 2, George Lambert (Wanganui) 12m 57.36s 3.
Shot put: Stack 13.47m PB 1, Trent Hogg (Sthld) 13.11m 2, Cameron Moffitt (Otago) 12.96m 3. 
Discus throw: Jayden Williamson (Rosmini) 50.24m 1, Max Abbot (Wgtn) 49.61m 2, Truman Tepai (St Peter’s) 45.53m 3.
Hammer throw: Williamson 53.7m 1, Joseph Quinn (Rathkeale) 51.96n 2, Liam Ngchok Wulf (Man) 50.12m 3.
Javelin throw: Hine Makaia (Niue) 52.79m 1, Guy Petersen (Pal/Nth) 47.91m 2, Caide Morris (Sthld) 45.09m 3, Jake Denniston (Dunstan) 43.94m 4.
Long jump: Quinn Hartley (James Harg) 6.75m 1, Stack 6.66m 2, Jamie Chambers-Steward (AGS) 6.26m 3.
Triple jump: Hartley 13.40m 1, Brad Spicer (Onewhero) 12.71m 2, Harley Patel-Muxlow (Wgtn) 12.53m 3.
High jump: Williamson 2.01m PB (record) 1, Stack 1.86m PB 2, Hartley 1.86m PB 3.
Pole vault: Cameron Hewitt (Burnside) 3.50m PB (record) 1, Jonathan Sceats (Hutt Intnl) 3.15m 2, Josh Woodhead (Hastings) 3.15m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Kings High School (Ryan Kreft, Isaac Dolan, Vaiola Palu, Jay Davis) 45.96s 1, Auckland Grammar School 47.27s 2, Avondale College 47.60s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland Grammar School (Joshua Penney, Jole Naufahu, Lee Lober-Chan, Oscar Millington) 3m 39.71s 1, Whanganui High School 3m 41.01s 2, Christchurch Boys’ High School 3m 44.62s 3.

Junior girls
100m: Genna Maples (Wang) 12.34s 1, Sophie Williams (Wang) 12.53s 2, Abby Fisher (Mt Aspiring) 12.86s 3.
200m: Maples 25.19s 1, Annalies Kalma (St Peter’s) 25.69s 2, Williams 26.06s 3.
400m: Sophie Williamson (Chch) 58.04s 1, Jaimee Eades (Bethlehem) 58.51s 2, Isabel Allen (St Cuth’s) 58.58s 3.
800m: Ana Brabyn (Wang) 2m 15.37s 1, Peyton Leigh (St Cuth’s) 2m 17.95s 2, Chloe Hughes (Rangi Ruru) 2m 18.12s 3.
1500m: Zoe Smith (Mt Aspiring) 4m 47.18s 1, Rosie Trotter (Chch) 4m 49.98s 2, Jemima Antoniazzi (St Peter’s) 4m 51.03s 3.
3000m: Joanna Poland (Avondale) 10m 19.44s PB 1, Jemima Antoniazzi (St Peter’s) 10m 20.27s 2, Ashleigh Alabaster (Wang) 10m 35.17s PB 3.
80m hurdles: Sarah Langsbury (St Hilda’s) 11.96s 1, Tapenisa Havea (St Andrew’s) 12.31s 2, Samadiana Fariz (Macleans) 12.33s 3.
300m hurdles: Fariz 46.20s 1, Langsbury 47.58s 2, Taylah Holdem (Burnside) 48.18s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Poland 7m 10.84s 1, Alabaster 7m 23.14s 2, Emily Hay (James Harges) 7m 34.65s 3.
4km road race: Leila Dunlop (Cashmere) 14m 48.43s 1, Penelope Salmon (Baradene) 15m 0.69s 2, Hannah Gapes (John Paul) 15m 6.80s 3.
Shot put: Tapenisa Havea (St Andrew’s) 13.35m 1, Elizabeth Hewitt (Chilton) 13.17m 2, Hannah McGregor (Aquinas) 12.14m PB 3.
Discus throw: Violette Perry (St Margaret’s) 36.22m 1, Shekhinahglory Laulala (OTH) 35.85m 2, Nirvana Hepi-Breen (Logan Park) 33.88m PB 3.
Hammer throw: Mateja Matejevich (Whang) 43.52m 1, Emma Bull (Rototuna) 42.48m 2, Jesmine Salmoa (Man) 42.25m 3.
Javelin throw: Holly Barry (Kristin) 38.15m 1, Perry 36.93m 2, Amelie Spinks (Rangi Ruru) 36.68m 3. 
Long jump: Maples 5.64m 1, Lara Hockly (Hawera) 5.57m (also 5.20m PB) 2, Marguerite Johans (Bethlehem) 5.55m 3.
Triple jump: Marque Johansson (Bethlehem) 11.67m 1, Emma McKay (Otago) 11.27m 2, Holdem 10.96m 3.
High jump: Julia Burnham (Villa Maria) 1.64m 1, Taylah Holdem (Burnside) 1.58m 2, Beth Hunter (Rangi Ruru) 1.55m 3.
Pole vault: Hannah Adye (MAGS) 3.40m 1, Amayah Wingfield (WGHS) 2.90m 2, Alysia Gilmore (Burnside) 2.20m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Wanganui Collegiate (Sophie Williams, Ana Brabyn, Lucy Brown, Genna Maples) 48.68s (record) 1, St Peter’s School 50.83s 2, Mt Aspiring College 51.58s 3.
4 x 400m relay: Wanganui Collegiate (Ana Brabyn, Jessica Johnstone, Sophie Williams, Genna Maples) 4m 9.04s 1, Craighead Diocesan School 4m 18.27s 2, Rangi Ruru Girls’ School 4m 20.37s 3.

Year 9
Boys 3km road race: Mathijs Wetzels (Ham) 9m 33.65s 1, Joseph Morgan (Ham) 9m 34.90s 2, Christian De Vaal (Macleans) 9m 35.41s 3. 
Girls 3km road race: Paris Carroll (Chch) 10m 49.13s 1, Amelia Green (St Mary’s) 10m 52.33s 2, Nikita Wain (Taradale) 10m 55.62s 3. 

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting
, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 23 November 2018
Alex Dawson 100m 11.04 (+1.1). Hayley Bond 100m 12.79 (+0.6). Bailey Cotton 200m 23.48 (+0.1). Camryn Smart 200m 26.15 (0.0). Jamey Ingham TJ 11.24m (NWI).


Omaha Half Marathon, 2 December: Mark Paterson 1:19:15, Brad Luiten 1:19:31, Sam Cadwallader 1:20:44. Adrianne McKenzie 1:26:39, Katrina Andrew 1:28:45, Megan Grant 1:29:46. 10km; Chris Robb 37:33, Jamie Reid 39:05, Katherine Morgan 39:52, Gordon Tait 39:53. 5km; Andrew Wallace 19:45, Hamish Moore 19:54, Mark Carryer 20:05.

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 26 November: Christian De Vaal 17:05, David De Vaal 17:13, Ronan Codyre 17:16. Caitlin Clarke 20:34, Maddi Hohneck 20:39. 
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 27 November: John Mauro 17:32, Marcus Robertson 17:47, Gene Rand 17:50. Katherine Morgan 18:45, Grace Hessell 20:09, Christine Adamson 20:35. 
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 28 November: Finn Jolley 19:30, Cooper Waugh 20:37, Gary Smit 21:40.
Owairaka 5km, Mt Roskill, 28 November: Nick Moore 17:14, Dion O’Neale 17:46, Hamish Gunns 19:13.
YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 29 November: Gene Rand 36:58, Isozaki Kotaro 37:11, Tony Warren 39:16. 5km; Daniel Smith 18:49, Keith Burrows 19:15, Andrew Mulqueen 19:22.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 27 November: Rodrigo Gonzalez 17:08, Simon Cochrane 17:16, Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 18:24. Veronika Adams 21:21, Megan Arthur 21:24.

Matokitoki Classic Half Marathon, 2 December: Gene Rand 1:23:39, Rocky Smyth 1:28:55, Jesse Love 1:30:35. Michelle Rennie 1:37:46.

Tongariro National Park
The Goat Adventure 20km Run, 1 December: Calum Sutherland 1:31:12, Andrius Ramonas 1:31:38, Oak Jones 1:32:40. Olivia Burne 1:49:04, Alison Wilson 1:49:39, Debbie Donald 1:50:51.

Waterfront 5km, 27 November: Mark Moore 16:47, Patrick McKenna 16:47, Will Critchlow 17:25. Lucy Lawlor 21:33, Sarah Fountain 21:40, Melanie Hart 21:45.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 26 November: Lachie Brownlie 17:50, Roydon Hawks 18:58, Chris Sharland 19:37. Katie Malthus 20:01, Katie Morgan 20:32, Colette Read 21:37.

Hanmer Springs
Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine Marathon, 1 December: Hannah Oldroyd 2:50:51, Russell Wordsworth 3:04:56, Klaartje Van Schie 3:05:13. Half marathon; Bevan Jones 1:21:48, Allan Staite 1:22:39, David Grimes 1:23:36. Serena Kelly 1:29:43. 10km; Shooter Dodds 35:21, Hamish Coutts 41:43, Jack McKenzie 41:57. Bridget Ford 44:00.

Te Anau
Kepler Challenge 60km and Luxmore Grunt 27km, 1 December: 60km; Daniel Jones 4:59:52, Blake Hose 5:11:29, Vajin Armstrong 5:12:07. Nancy Jiang 5:54:52, Margie Campbell 6:04:58, Sophie Grant 6h 31m 37s. 27km; Andy Good 1:50:54 (record, broke Phil Costley’s 2008 record of 1:52:30), Richard Ford 2h 6m 35s, Mitchell Braithwaite 2h 9m 34s. Ruth Croft 2h 8m 54s, Sabrina Grogan 2h 9m 52s, Marisa Ruhter 2h 23m 17s.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent