Swimming around mainland Britain day 40


Adventurer swimmer Ross Edgley is coming up to day 40 of his epic 130 day swim around mainland Britain.

Starting on June 1st 2018 in Margate, Edgley has swum the English Channel southern coast of Britain and is now making his way up the west coast Bristol Channel between Wales and Ireland.

Photo credit Red Bull Harvey Gibson

Edgley is out to become the first person to swim around the entire of mainland Britain.

The 3,200km swim around the coast of Great Britain is expected to take 100-130 days.

During his challenge Edgley won't step foot on land, but rest, eat & sleep on the support boat.

Edgley swims between 30 - 50km per day, maximising tides and jumps on his support boat to eat and sleep then off into his night session.

His daily plan starts with his preparation - Vaseline up, sunblock, wetsuit, googles, gloves, earplugs and booties.  Edgley swims for six hours, boards the boat, eats, sleeps 3-4 hours, eats, then swims again.