Swimming Australia statement regarding Madeline Groves




Swimming Australia can confirm that the FINA Doping Panel have conducted a hearing regarding Madeline Groves’ alleged whereabouts breaches on Thursday night Australian time. On Friday night Australian time, the FINA Doping Panel have announced that they have cleared Madeline from the alleged third missed test. A complete summary of the decision will be provided in the future.


Groves was cleared by the FINA Doping Panel of the alleged third missed test under the FINA Doping Control Rules. The Panel ruled that Groves was not in breach of the Rules and she was fully compliant with her responsibilities and obligations to anti-doping rules as a professional athlete.


Groves will continue with her training and competition and will remain eligible for selection onto future Australian Dolphins Swim Teams, including the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games team should she qualify at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Trials in February 2018.


Swimming Australia CEO Mark Anderson said, “This is a great result for Maddie and we will continue to offer her our support as she plans for life and training beyond this process. We are very aware that this has been a tough process for Maddie as she prepared for the Hearing and awaited the finding.


“We are very pleased for Maddie and delighted for her that she will be able to compete and be selected for all upcoming Australian teams. It is an important reminder for all of our athletes about the importance of ensuring the whereabouts is accurate and athletes being present and available during this time.


“Maddie adhered to this process and this was a critical element of why she has been cleared.


Maddie Groves stated, "I have always been confident in achieving this outcome as I have been compliant with all anti-doping policies throughout my career. I am happy to put this behind me and I am looking forward to competing in an attempt to qualify for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. I'd like to thank my legal representative, Tim Fuller, my coach Michael Bohl and my family and friends for their support throughout this process," Groves said.

“Swimming Australia fully supports all anti-doping policies and our athletes understand that the rules in place to ensure that all athletes must be available for testing at their designated location and time are a very important element of anti-doping policies.


“The Australian Dolphins Swim Team has worked hard to develop a culture of professionalism and respect within the team. Part of that professionalism is ensuring each athlete is accountable and responsible for accurately providing their whereabouts. Our swimmers’ actions and behaviours have shown that they have heard this message and have acted,” Mr Anderson said.