Team Seagate Lead Into Final Day




The Elite New Zealand adventure racing team are nearing the final stage of the 757km 2017 Adventure Racing World Championships being staged in the Parks of Wyoming, USA.

757km (466 miles)

12 stages

paddling – 100km

mountain biking– 507km

trekking – 142km


L-R Joanna Williams, Stuart Lynch, Chris Forne, Bob McLachlan

PHOTO: ARWC & Sleepmonsters

The team arrived in USA a week prior to the race and spent time training in the mountains of Boulder, CO getting adjusted to the climate and elevation.

They then traveled to Casper in the heart of cowboy country 2-days before the race start. 

Prior to the start, the team acknowledged that at the world championship race there is very strong competition, with numerous teams that could win race should any team make a mistake or have a mechanical. But Seagate trusted that if they had a strong performance without any troubles, they could be confident that a win was their goal. Pre race though they said it was hard to know what the course will throw at them but the latter part certainly seemed like the longer less technical part, as teams made their way back to Casper from the Tetons and Jackson Hole. Seagate said their buildup had gone well as had the few days in the heat and altitude.

Forne said pre event "I think it will be a very fast race and the key is to go hard but not blow up early and then just keep the pressure on all race, as if you ease up it will be easy to let someone else back into the race. The break in the field will probably be in the longer trekking legs of which we have two."

Racing in his first World Champs with Seagate, McLachlan shared "Excitement for me lays in when we get the maps and can see where we will go and the options that lie in the course. Although confident that we can win this race my fear is that, being a new look Seagate team and all mature athletes, that if we don't win the media will be asking 'Is the Seagate dominance of the sport over?!' But as always with these races experience counts and there is a lot that will happen during the race, stories or woe and others of jubilation and at the end there will be a victor and that is our goal".

Seagate expected the main competition to be from the Swedish Team Haglofs Silva, SAF and USA AMK.



Former Team Seagate captain (2002-2016), Nathan Fa'avae had a Skype conference with Lynch and Forne the day prior to the race, NZ to USA. Fa'avae said "The guys were in good form, looking forward to the race and getting out on the course, exploring the area doing the things they enjoy. They were aware it was likely to be a fast paced start, heat and some altitude to consider. They planned to go easy from the start and await the cooler temperatures of the first night to stretch their legs. Then by the morning of Day 2 the race leaderboard would be established and then the flag would be down, the real race would begin. Then it will be a few days of hiking and biking whilst deciding what flavors of ice cream to buy after they finish, Chris tends to go for fruity berry type things, whereas Stu leans towards the decadent triple chocolate stuff. I'm not sure about Bob, he could be a Hokey Pokey guy".


Seagate will likely be first to the freezers, because the pre race plan is close to exactly how it seems to have played out. Seagate waited patiently and then on Day 2 broke from the field, quickly building a lead that for nearly 48-hours, has not been contested. Perhaps Australian photographer James Pitman summed it up best on the media site when it was clear Seagate had commanded the lead, he simply wrote "Oh Dear", because in the previous 3-World Championships, when Seagate move into first, it's remained that way to the end.

The team are now less than 10-hours from the finish line, and while the race is clearly not over, only some bad luck can stop them now.

Will Seagate claim their 4-consecutive World Championship title?

Will Lynch & Forne become the unprecedented 6 x World Champions?

The answers now are not far away.


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