The Naked Rower's Global Sailing Adventure


Olympian, trans-Atlantic rowing champion and author of The Naked Rower, Rob Hamill is off on another adventure, this time with his wife Rachel and three children Finn (16), Declan (14) and Ivan (11).   The Hamill’s have taken their boys out of school with the goal of learning through life experience. 


“This is about life, love and family,” says Rob.  “In an ever-changing world we want our kids to be able to adapt to challenges, to embrace new cultures and learn by discovery.  And it will be a truckload of fun!”


“There are risks aplenty for sure: storms, treacherous seas, equipment failure, dangerous critters etc.  We are planning for the worst and hoping for the best.”


Departure is set for Thursday afternoon from Whangarei heading for Fiji via Manerva Reef.  From Fiji they will travel to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and onwards.  On their journey around the world, expected to take several years, they are looking at routes through the Solomans, Papua New Guinee and onto Cambodia via Indonesia and Malaysia.


The Hamill’s are considering following the journey Rob’s brother Kerry took in 1978 aboard his yacht Foxy Lady through South East Asia to Koh Tang island where he was captured by Pol Pot’s maniacal Khmer Rouge (the film Brother Number One tells the story).  “I see this as a way to again acknowledge my brother and the suffering the people of Cambodia incurred, and to create learnings for our kids and those who follow us.”


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