The world´s hardest extreme sport and adventure race is back!


31 athletes from 18 countries have been handpicked to take on the famous race across the Alps, in which competitors must cover approximately 1,000km of straight-line distance either by foot or paraglider over wild and mountainous terrain.

THE MISSION: finding the fastest route from Austria to Monaco and being the first one to touch down at the finhish line.

For the first time since 2005, two female athletes will be at the start line, Dawn Westrum, a former US soldier and adventure racer and Yvonne Dathe, a four-time German long-distance paragliding champion.

Down Under is represented by Kiwi Nick Neynens.

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The Red Bull X-Alps will be won by the athlete with the best overall strategy, fitness tactics and skill but the most advanced equipment is vital just to stay on a level with the pack.

Photo supplied - Red Bull

The race to Monaco will last at least 14/15 days and on it´s way – the alpine hiking and paragliding adventure race – can be decided in minutes. Decisions about where to find the right thermal lifts or reaching a summit take off quicker than a rival can result in covering 200 km quickly by air, or slowly by foot.

Taking place on July 2, fort he first time a pre-race, “the Prologue” will see athletes compete in a tough hike and fly race around the mountains made famous in the movie, The Sound of Music. For the first time all athletes will be concentrated in a single area, starting and finishing at the same point, Fuschl am See. For the winners, there are big advantages to play for. The first three athletes to finish will each be given a five-minute headstart in the main race start on July 5.