TrackMe.Life Go-4-12 Youth Adventure Race


The fifteenth annual TrackMe.Life Go-4-12 Youth Adventure Race will be held in Hawkes Bay on the 17th - 19th March 2020.

The event was started in 2006 by a group of friends who were passionate about adventure Racing, but it was the potential growth in the participants could achieve that was behind the creation of the event.

The TrackMe.Life GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race is specifically designed for youth and now has three lengths of course.

The Twelve-Hour Event is the original length and it puts the 12 in the TrackMe.Life GO-4-12.

The GO-4-12 name came from one of the first planning meetings when it was decided that the racers would ‘go for twelve hours.

Though it is quite a big day it is also an achievable day as the race is points based and some teams that are less experienced will choose to do fewer of the optional activities than other teams.

Giving teams this choice means that most participants will complete the race. Having an event that teams could complete and not end up feeling like they failed because it was too hard was an important aspect for the original race committee and this ethos remains a core value.

“These young people are awesome and the lessons that they learn are huge, during the day they are often stretched physically and mentally beyond what they thought were their limits and as a result, they grow,” Race Director David Tait says.


You may be at this point scratching your head and wondering what adventure racing is? Well essentially, it's a multi-disciplinary group race. You grab some teammates, a map (for navigation), a mountain bike and your running shoes and head out to wild places to compete against others. Often adventure races will also include elements like kayaking and abseiling and the special tasks to challenge teams.

To give you an idea of what teams in the TrackMe.Life GO-4-12 will face, the 12-hour competitors in the 2019 race started with a mountain bike ride followed by a coastal trek, a second mountain bike leg that got them back to Lake Tutira.

At Lake Tutira they built a raft and paddled to a short walking section that saw them join the 6 Hour course. The 6-hour course included a mountain bike ride (12-hour racers didn’t take part in the MTB ride) and a Rogaine (Navigation).

After the Rogaine the 6 hour and 12 Hours teams joined the fun of the 3 Hour event. The 3 Hour event which is designed to be fun and is suitable for youth year 7 and above and is three hours of adventure activities.

Last year's 3 Hour event included the following tasks, climb a rope, climb a wall, build a Pennie cooker, put up a tent, go along a rope, do an orienteering course, paddle a kayak, do a water slide and solve a bunch of puzzles.

The Race Headquarter for the 2020 TrackMe.Life GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race will be the Family Farm on Mangarara Station Elsthorpe Central Hawke’s Bay.

The teams taking part in the 12 Hour event will camp on-site with the 12-hour event also is also the New Zealand Secondary Schools Adventure Racing Championships there are sure to be some battles between teams starting from the gun at 6am on Saturday the 18th April.

It is hoped that local teams will take advantage of having the race on their doorstep and perhaps a Hawke’s Bay team may finally be able to snatch the trophy out of the hands of New Plymouth Boys High School who have held it for literally ever, having one it fourteen times over the last fourteen years. “Taradale High School is looking strong and we suspect that they will have a good year and could even win the male division, I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out,” Mr. Tait said.


This year’s event will be the second time that the event has been filmed and this has been commissioned by Sky Sport Next and if what was produced last time it should be an engaging watch.

The principal sponsor of the event is TrackMe.Life who supplies the GPS trackers for the 12 Hour event competitors and range of other tools to allow the event organisers to challenge teams in a safe and challenging way.

“We literally couldn’t run this event for this age group without the support of TrackMe.Life” Mr. Tait said. “An example of how it works is last year a team manager came to me and said that their team had not come into the transition and had lost many places on other teams and he thought that they may be lost.

At that point, I was able to go to the tracking screen and see that they were way off course. At that point, we knew where they were and how to get to them if they needed support.

Knowing that each team has the ability on the device to push the HELP Button is reassuring and we are able to in a case like this let them learn and work out how to navigate their way back to the Transition.

This is very empowering for youth to be able to do this and from an event management point of view this oversite is a game-changer, we can answer that question, where are our teams and are they OK?” Mr. Tait said.

For more information about the TrackMe.Life GO-4-12Youth Adventure Race this can be found on the Website or contact the race organisers.


At a glance here are the details of the event. The event is held on the weekend of the 17th -19th of April. There are three Race lengths, a Three Hour a Six-Hour and the original Twelve Hour event, so there is an event for everyone.

3 Hour Explorer


A Three-hour event. For years 7 -10. Team of 2, single or mixed gender. A fun introduction to adventure racing with lots of different activities (no biking).

6 Hour Adventure


A Six-hour event. For years 9 and above. Team of 4, single or mixed gender. Fun with lots of different activities, biking, navigation, kayaking.

GO-4-12 Challenge NZSSARC


A 12-hour event. For years 10 and above. Teams of 4, single or mixed gender. Authentic adventure race with core disciplines - mountain biking, walking/running, rope skills and navigation.

GO-4-12 Youth Adventure Race