Two months and 1000km down!




Australians Justin Jones and James Castrission became the first to cross the Tasman in a kayak in 2007-08. Justin is now walking from the centre of Australia to the coast (Port Augusta) on foot, with his young family



The Jonesys started in the centre of the Australia, on foot, off track, with their one year old daughter. Together they are 1000kms into their attempt to cross some of Australia’s most extreme terrain and conditions in hopes to more consciously live and connect to Australian country, people and each other.


Here's Justins update

Two months and 1000km down!

It has been a massive two months out here in the Australian Outback. As a family of three have now covered 1000km living in sync with the heartbeat of the bush.

When the sun rises, we wake and walk. When it sets, we rest and eat. We've been visited by dingoes and dogs, camels and kangaroos, lizards, snakes, rats and flocks of cockatoos. We've made new friends, run into old, drunk from creeks and slept under a million star sky.

Yep, there have been tough times where we long for the conveniences of modern day life but it's important to us to break out of the busy-ness of having a young family, create space and time for what really matters and learn to let go of what doesn’t.

This journey will be an amazing part of Morgan’s life. Although she may not ‘remember’ it, she is currently soaking up information at a furious rate and I know the sounds, sensations and experiences from this journey will be part of her DNA.

One of the most amazing things about this expedition is to seeing Morgan’s resilience, strength and confidence grow over the last few months. When we started she could barely walk and now she is able to run over gibber plains and in dry creek beds. In the truest sense, she is the most authentic explorer out of the lot of us. Everything is a new experience, everything is seen through a curious lens, everyday is an adventure and she’s a constant reminder to be in the now and enjoy where we are.

Walking has given us the time to bond as a family in a way that we never would have found the time to do in our busy Bondi lives. And for all the ease that modern conveniences give us; we wouldn't change it for a heartbeat.

Well...maybe in a month.

The Journey continues...